Duke Nukem, A once famous video game character to an ehh video game character.His first and second game were different from our favorite one DUKE NUKEM 3D.Then there was Duke Nukem Forever, Which you know, Everyone hated it, but let's not talk about it.

But what I'm here to talk about is "LAME DUKE",An old version of Duke Nukem."What Is it" You may ask.It was an old version of Duke Nukem where Duke was Silent and it was like the old Duke games, But in first person.

I was looking all over for lame Duke because I like Duke Nukem, My dad let me played Duke 3d on his computer all the til my bedtime, Unless it wasn't a school night, Then i could stay up all night.

I finally found lame Duke on ebay.I bought it for very cheap though, Which I found weird.Why wasn't it more like $100,SInce it was a beta.Hmm.Anyway...

I knew it wouldn't work with my new computer, So i ask my dad If I could use his and he said sure.I went to his home and we sat down by his old computer he set up like the good ole days. Though, that was soon to be Stopped.

The main menu had 2 options.Start and options.No quit.I pressed play.The first level seemed normal, it was like the first level of duke nukem 2, An alien prison.You shoot the aliens, Take the power ups and escape.My dad said it seemed, Weird.He didn't said why,But i felt the same, Like what game doesn't have a Exit options?

Level 2 was a Medieval level.Instead of killing aliens, You killed knights.My dad was disturb by it,But not because you killed humans, hell he still play gta.He was disturbed by the realistic deaths.You see when you killed them they would stand there And look at you before the fell to the ground.There was also a part in a torture dungeon which my dad nearly threw up at, and well, So did I.

We took a break and had some drinks, Me a coke and my dad a beer.He asked where I found this game and I told him ebay.He told me That this could just be a fake game, by bootleggers.I told him I guess that could be a possibility but it was on a beta disc, A cd disc with "Lame Duke written on it."

We went back to the game.Level 3 made my dad go into the bathroom to throw up.It seemed like the walls were flesh and... blood.There were no enemies, except for one I killed it and it showed a message.It Had map directions which I wrote down.

Me and my dad went there and saw a sign that said dig.We called the cops and they found a dead body there.

I don't know what this is,But if you find it, Don't play it.Just play duke 3d.

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