Hello, fellow admins, friends, and random users of the wiki. 

Nightsbladeoftruth here. Creating an actual page instead of a blog post because fuck blogs.

I have a bit of a heartrending message for me to type, today, so please, read this whole page.  I'll do my best to keep it short.

So, as you people may know already, my wife has been pregnant since about 9 months now. We're expecting on the 21th of June. If you didn't know already, now you know.

And, even if until now, I've been able to moderate pretty regularly due to my amazing Multitask skills of D00M, I can't do that now. It'll be too stressful if I do, and given that I'll be a father very, very soon..Stress is the worst thing I could have right now.

I just want to say, thanks to you all who've been respecting the rules, entertaining people in the chat, and generally, thank you to the other admins, and the users I can happily say I consider great friends to have.  Feel free to add me on steam (Lordofbananas, the one that has only TF2 installed and has no profile picture.)  if you ever want to have a talk with me, since I'll most likely still answer chats there with how fast  it is. Don't expect me to play TF2 with you guys, though.

Now, as much as it looks like it is.. This isn't good bye.  I'll do my best to show up sometimes (and by sometimes, I mean like once a week) in the chat, but as far as moderating goes, I'm out of action for about a month or two. Some of you may consider this a blessing (Well, fuck you assholes, I'm still gonna be banning for no categories when I see them.) or a bad thing, since it means that the most active admin there is won't be there for a while.

So, I'm gonna cut this short, here, by saying, once more,

Thank you to you who have respected the rules and users here. Fuck you to the ones who didn't.

Nightsbladeoftruth, out.

I leave you an offering: Catbug being catbug.

Catbug - Sugar Peas!!!00:05

Catbug - Sugar Peas!!!

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