I lay here quietly as the world passes me by. Woven like a great tapestry, covered in a lavish blue sky.

The trees are gently swaying, as the leaves begin to fall. It feels like minutes though, when the leaves turn into snow. The earth is covered in an icy blanket and house fires begin to glow.

Animals are peaceful, as they hunt and harvest survival, and children are outside playing as if nothing happened at all. The intervals of time come and go so fast, life is merely chapters in an excellent book, which never seem to last.

In a land quite far from Onett, I travelled as fate held me by string on a comet. But my story didn't begin until one fateful night, when I crashed to the earth in quite a fright. People all over came to see the clatter, but no one could make sense of this potentially catastrophic matter.

So I waited patiently in the cold for the chosen one, but I feared no one would come. Then suddenly like the pyramids predicted, he came up the hill and brought his light... and some fat kid with plight.

As I suspected he was quite extra ordinary and needed no further explaining; he didn't even seem worried. Then as we left I became aware, not all of the children were here. I knew the battle hadn't even begun, for all alone was the chosen one.

The events that would lead him to his earthly friends - the gifted child, the child of wisdom and the child of spirit - was so far away it seemed doubtful he'd make it.

Through many towns and through desert and in the city, he'd find many with problems that needed his pity.

As they united the earth began to sing, with the hopes of peace that they would bring. Together they united the points of the planet, and brought about the balance that threatened to destroy it.

I never made it to see this miracle, as I came from the future and was buried in the past.

But now I know that peace is finally ours, safe from the creatures of the stars.

I still lay here quietly as the world passes me by, and I see that hope has been restored for all... with the sacrifice of my life.

~ Buzz Buzz

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