Do not fear us.

We do not fear you.

We are boos. Boos are lost souls. Souls being tortured by the ultimate punishment. Being forgotten. 

We are jealous. Jealous that you can be seen. Jealous of your friends, your family, your relationships.

Closer, closer.

We are jealous that you can laugh in happiness, but cry in sadness all the same.

We cannot be seen, but we fear that if we do, you will be scared. So we hide ourselves.

Frozen in fear that we will be seen, even though we cannot.

So we follow. We follow you. Your friends. Your Family.

We learn everything about you.

Closer, closer.

One thing I didn't mention about this torture, there is a cure. If we can find another human body, a living one, we can replace it's soul and take over. 

The thing is, we've been watching so long that we know you. Your hobbies. Your daily routine. Your favorite, everything. We know you. If we take over no one will know. 

Closer, closer.

People you know have probably already been taken over. 

But if we take over your soul leaves, forever consumed by the torture. Following

Getting closer. Closer, closer. Closer, closer. So close. Closer, closer.

However the second you turn your head we stop. Dead in our tracks. Paralyzed by the fear.

Closer, closer.

Inch by inch, we follow. We don't rest like you do. We are kept awake by the torture.

Closer, closer.


Rockandstones1 (talk) 01:43, January 14, 2014 (UTC)Rockandstones1