This is it, opening night. The lion tamers have finished practice and the Circus Master was working on his lines. Shadows sped by and I looked up to see my parents practicing their moves. Their tricks were going to amaze everyone who's coming to see the show. Watching my parents, I accidentally walked into one of the other acts. He looked down at me with threatening eyes and grunted. I stepped aside and he continued walking, glancing at my over his shoulder. His eyes shot through me like ice. Slowly turning away, I continued walking until I got to the animal pens.

Caring for the animals was my job, everyone had one in the circus. I grabbed some of the meat from a rack and brought it over to the lions. While feeding the lions I saw the same guy I saw earlier waving his hand at the elephant. For some reason this made the elephant upset, for it started to go into a frenzy. I yelled "Hey!" and the man moved away from the elephant. What was he doing? I tried my best to comprehend a reason to why he would be aggravating the elephants, but the only thing I could come up with was that he planned to cause something during the show.

I pondered and pondered yet the same reason kept coming up. I couldn't stay stuck on this for any longer, the sun was setting and the show would start soon. I decided to give up and finish my job as fast as possible. By the time every animal was fed, all the acts started getting their things for the show. The animals were wheeled out to the tent and the Circus Master began his speech. I took my place in the stands and waited. All the acts went just fine, each one perfectly executed. My anxious thoughts went away as I saw my parents fly through the air doing flips and spins. I let out a sigh of relief. Suddenly screams filled the air. I looked up and saw my parents plummeting from the high wire. I watched in fear as both of them missed the safety net and slam the ground with a loud crack.

Police lights and ambulance sirens rang in my ears. I sat on the trunk of a police cruiser as the Circus Master was giving police details. I over heard some paramedics talking about my parents. Both of their necks broke upon landing, as well as several bones, they died instantly. I looked down at the wet earth, a steady rain began falling when they fell. My parents were dead, and tears welled up in my eyes. The splash of a puddle near by caught my attention. Beside stood a kind looking a cop. The cop asked me what my name was.

"Dick Grayson, Officer..."

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