Why do you scream when you see me watching you sleep? I'm only trying to make sure you're safe...I love you, my child, more than anything else in the world. When you go to sleep, I'm right there beside you, waiting in the dark for you to wake up and see me, waiting for you to see the true face of love,

Always waiting.


Why do you scream?

Always watching.

Why must you scream whenever you see me? I want to watch you, want to love you, but you have to be so cruel to hate me. You hate me, you want me to go away, but that will never happen. It's okay if you hate me, because I will always love you, no matter what. If you scream, I will shush you. If you run away, I will always catch up to you, because I would never let my dearest get lost.

Sometimes you try to pretend I'm not there, so I have to punish you. When you're sleeping, I might take something away. You have such lovely eyes...I want to stare at them forever. Your lips are so soft, I want you to kiss mommy goodnight whenever I need to remember how much you love me.

Those people in your house wouldn't understand. They say they adore you, say they're proud of you, say the love you, but they will never understand. They think they know who you are, but I know everything about you, and you are perfect. Too good for them, so I'll just take you away where we can be happy together forever.


I'll have to shush you, but never forget that I do it because I love you

If you miss them, I'll bring them here. They might scream, but I'll shush them, just like mommy would shush you if you were too loud. But they'll always be here, always here watching you, just like me, making sure that our dearest is nice and safe, nice and being loved.

You should always know how much I love you. Even when you try to pretend I'm not there, I will just ignore your hatred and go on loving you. I need you. You are my everything. I couldn't live without you. Why do you have to hate me? I've been here for you all your life....

You won't hate me ever again. You're right here, smiling forever, right where I can always see you, where I can always love and cherish you forever. You look so beautiful, without your eyes, so peacful without your screaming, so much happier without your hating....

But I miss waiting by your bed, waiting for you to wake up and say that you love me.

I will always love you, my dearest.

Sleep well.

Sircalevara (talk) 19:51, March 22, 2014 (UTC)

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