He runs to no avail. He runs for… A gift. A gift to set him free, but there is only one way for this man to get this gift of silence. He stops at the sight of a dimly lit room. The dust particles cover the oak wood chair and the knotted rope dangling over top urges the roof to creak. The man now steps into the otherwise empty room. The floor gives off the sounds of dying screams as the man now starts to climb his way up unto the chair. The chair starts to crack under the enormous pressure that this man puts on the chair. The man now grabs the rope and ties it around his stub of a neck. The man now closes his eyes and imagines what the future would be like without him. At first he sees kids laughing and singing… Making a mockery out of the poor man, but then he sees mourning and crying, tears full of sadness. The man starts to sob as he jumps off the chair… With the rope now around thin air he walks out of the small dimly lit room.

Don’t commit suicide… It’s not the way out.

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