My life is full of darkness

You may think so too,

Sometimes you'll find I'm different

Don't lie to me, it's true

You hate me and I know it

It makes me die inside

But you don't seem to get it,

Because all I do is hide

You say that you are sorry

You lie to me again

You don't realise that I know

I know you aren't my friend

After all as you lay dying

I'll be there standing tall

You shouldn't have been so awful And made me feel so small

I look at the blade... then at your face

Death slowly takes you with it's cold embrace

But then I see what I have done My heart is beating like a drum

You didn't deserve this, i'm sorry I swear

Maybe you loved me... maybe you cared

It's times like this I don't know why... I drop the mirror... I start to cry

But then I smile slowly... because I knew

I may have ended myself, but at least I finished you

Duality consumed my mind I felt my own blood as we died.

Slowly, softly I slip away

Not to be tormented... not for one more day

Maybe now I don't have my health

But at least I defeated that fear of myself...


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