A fool... they call me a fool. It was just one wrong answer, how can someone be called a fool just because of an incorrect answer? Later, however, I found out that it wasn't because of the incorrect answer I gave that one morning. It was because of my name, my parents, how I dressed, and how I was born with a deformed foot. "Look at the fool try to walk!" I heard one of them say, soon followed by the laughter of the other students and the teacher. How I hated them, how they seemed so perfect compared to me. White teeth, normal limbs, scratchless skin. Disgusting fools they were. Such fools that they never thought of me as the culprit for Daniel's murder. A small pill of cyanide in the bastards milk was more than enough to make him croak. And they all assumed it was allergies. Stupid fools they are.

Days later, Anne, fell off the swing and cracked open her skull. it was deemed an accident. They didn't see me push her nor did they see me position the rock. The damn fools. The next day Calvin was strangled, blame it on the father the did. They didn't even realize that the hand marks were too big to be his. The ignorant fools. Betty was stabbed, David committed "suicide" by hanging himself, Stacy was hit by a bus, her brother burned alive, Tyson was decapitated, Tara was kicked in the head by a horse, Bubbles fell off a cliff and Ben drowned. Soon Mrs Karen met her fate, her car lost control and collided into oncoming traffic. Tragic accidents and murders they said. Fools they are, thinking someone but me was doing these things. I was never a suspect, after all, I am a fool.

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