There’s a beacon of red light in the distance... It gathers men and women of all ages, feasting on their screaming souls. This light said that it was there to save everyone… It lied. Instead it just tortured the poor people that passed through, and made them something that should’ve never been created.

Why did I listen? I was so innocent, and ignorant… Why? Why couldn’t I have been just a little damn stronger!? No… It’s too late to think about the past now. I have to move forward, for everyone I’ve damned, including my own mother and father.

I swear on my grave that this light shall be dimmed until it is burnt out and useless, but until then I will go searching… I will go searching for all the monsters this light has created, so I can say my final goodbyes, and release their misery unto the glorious night stars.

I pretended I didn’t know what was happening that day when the ship started to go down, but in reality I was searching for all the lost wandering souls that had been snatched away, and conformed to something monstrous. I blame my own actions for this, and so I shall redeem myself, and save you all.

I am once more on a dying ship, which means everything is going just as planned... 

If I die on this day, please remember the name, Isaac Clarke.

Author's NoteEdit

Hi!"Another lame attempt at a mindf*ck pasta I see" Is probably what you're thinking. I hoped to delve into, Isaac's backstory a little here! Hope you enjoyed! Please leave a comment telling me how to improve, and also telling me what I did right! (If you can)

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