Personally, I never really liked the Xbox One. My friend got me one for my birthday, but it just seems a little...suspicious, for lack of a better word. I’ve come to think that maybe, just maybe, Microsoft is being paid by the NSA to monitor U.S. civilians. Now that may seem absurd, but just add this all up:

Microsoft requires you keep using the Kinect to play most games on Xbox One, even though it was only an accessory for the Xbox 360, Microsoft forbids you from taking apart and analyzing their system, Microsoft is able to know when you swear, and ban you for it (happens),

If you’ve heard about the whole Edward Snowden issue, you’ll know where I’m getting at. This is basically the same thing as that, but this system can monitor you throughout your house, and hear your conversations. Consider how many game consoles are sold throughout the world, especially in the U.S.? It would make sense to use these systems as a method of surveillance. The NSA could certainly see the Kinect as an opportunity to prevent terrorism, even if they would have to invade the privacy of Americans. Not to mention, the NSA has paid Microsoft millions for PRISM aid before (, so what’s so surprising about this?

If you still aren’t convinced, just take a look at this:

Yep, Microsoft has already been accused of recording and sending Skype calls to NSA. So what do you think, government conspiracy, or just a theory?

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