I walked alone on a lonely night,

Seeing men and women, wander in sight

Something of an enigma I came upon

Like a deer in the headlights, protecting its Fawn.

I wondered why I walked alone

Was this a punishment for which I had to atone?

To walk alone on a lonely night?

Was this my life’s eternal plight?

Whatever happened to wrong and right?

When was happiness ever in spite?

I just need an easy friend,

Who may be there until the end,

Is this really too much to ask?

Is this impossible for the Heaven’s to task?

I walk right past the bar,

Where men dream and see the stars,

Why am I an unhappy man?

When I’ve done all I can?

I walked alone this lonely night

When I came across a child in fright

He said to me a man shall follow

Wearing a mask, his body hollow

I indulged him, the child in fright

Told him everything would turn out alright

 'Til I looked behind me

The child screamed

'Twas a man, as thin as could be

He looked in dismay

As I walked away

I looked behind as he followed me

Not an inch shorter than me

He had a knife, as sharp as could be

I walked with someone that lonely night

Wishing that I had endured the fright

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