Let me start off by saying: "This is not my big comeback project I talked about. I've got something much bigger (much, much bigger) in store for that." This is simply a shortpasta I came up with last night and since Moist requested one to be made, I though "Why the hell not?". I hope you enjoy.

A Man's Best Friend?Edit

There once was a boy and his dog. They were the best of friends and always together. Never would they leave each other behind. They played games like fetch and tug of war or, took nice long walks through parks. But all of that ended when the dog suddenly disappeared. The boy waited for his return; he waited for days; he waited for weeks, but he never came back. He was devastated and both a mental and physical wreck. He’d stay in his room upstairs and he’d allow no one in, not even his parents.

One night the boy was woken by a loud barking, coming from downstairs. He hurried down to the living room where the noise came from. What he found there was his long missing dog. The boy cried tears of happiness. This was the happiest day of his life. It would be just like the days of old. They would play fetch and go for walks together. They would have so much fun. And so they did.

A week later, the boy was found dead at the bottom of a river. As the police were investigating the mysterious death, they questioned numerous relatives and neighbors. They all said the same thing: His dog passed away a few months ago. The boy thought he had just run away, but they knew what had really happened. He recently started talking to himself though as if the dog was still alive, but nobody was able to see or hear it. The investigation was closed when it seemed very likely the boy had just gone insane because of the pain he went through. Others claimed to have seen the dog though during the past week and that he was deluded and lead the boy to the river where he was drowned by the ghost of his dead dog, but their testimonies were ignored. Is a dog really a man’s best friend?

H. Phone (talk) 17:43, December 22, 2013 (UTC)

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