Some of you know me. Some of you don't. I was created for the sole purpose of being a villain and planning evil plots. Every attempt I've had to rule and defeat my enemy, he somehow foils my plans. Were all my plans bound to fail miserably? I don't know myself. It just happens.

Why can't I have the good side? Was I always bound to be evil? Yes, I think I was. Except for those sports
Majora's Mask Song of Healing02:47

Majora's Mask Song of Healing

meetings. I always think to myself, why must I have such a horrible life? Why must I always be a villain? I think I know. Without me being a villain, my enemy's fame, popularity, and heroic deeds will collapse. So they were just using me...

Was I always bound to fall into lava? Was I always bound to plunge into deep darkness? Was I always bound to lose at their parties? Was I always bound to fail in life? All these questions, they constantly rotate around me. I can't stop asking myself these questions. Some other times, it's my friends who fail like when one of my friends were exterminated by the man in the green clothes. But... Most of the times, it's me who's failing because of the man in the red clothes.

Now I know it's not entirely the red man's fault. Those deities up in the sky. They're controlling the man in red, aren't they? To them, the red man's just their puppet. I'm not being controlled by those deities. Instead, something is forcing to jump, shoot flames, and throw hammers. I don't know how to stop myself.

Do those deities hate me...? They always come to my lairs and try in leave me in the lava. It's a mystery...

I know not what they're up to... I know not why they hate me... I know not why I'm being put in their dust...

I'm also being force to create these evil plans even though they always collapse in the end because of the man in red. Do they not know that they're repeating themselves? Do they like hurting me and my life...?

The Mystery EndsEdit

I can't take this torture anymore.. I know not why they keep torturing and doing this to me... I've decided to put myself out of this pure misery. Man in red and the deities up in the sky, don't surprised when you don't see me standing next to the axe on the bridge, taking over space, crashing your parties, unattending your sports meetings, or appearing in other worlds. My last words... Goodbye.

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