Here in my hand I hold your death.

All I can hear are your screams of terror beneath my darkness wielding blade.

I walk down a path covered in blood caused by my hands.

But all I see is sorrow and regret down this path.

My saddness was never meant for heavenly light.

I used to believe I could be loved, but who loves their greatest fear?

I try reaching out for the light to find it reject me.

All the good deeds I try always come with a price.

No one can love me, such a dark creature with no light.

I was born in darkness, and my fate has been decided by the judge of all.

Stay away from me, maybe a 100 years ago I would invite you in my life but now I see I will only hurt you.

I shall close all doors to my black heart.

All who I have ever loved have died right before my eyes, so why love at all? 

The Darkness in Your Mind

Forgive me if I cause you insanity.

I wish to live among you but I will only cause madness in your human world.

Our paths are crossed we shall meet but not love.

I wish to be close to you all, but I cannot.

My heart is dark, no light is around me.

The reason why I don't just leave.

Is without me you would never have hopes or love, even though I don't bring these things.

It must be nice to dream, have hopes but I have none.

I bring hate, death, saddness, regret, revenge.

I am sorry if I betray you.

A back stabbing demon I am.

Don't be nice to me it will only hurt me more.

The soul eater searches for my soul. But shall not find it for I have none.

Many Ways to Kill Someone

I have no heart.

Oh how I long to feel what you feel.

But I dont even breathe.

My touch is cold as stone.

I don't belong here.

I was meant for death.

Why do you all treat me so kind?

Don't you know I am a monster.

I ruin lives.

I kill people.

How I long for sweet death even though it will never come.

If I did die I dont think I would belong above.

For I am dead and you are not, and that my friend makes a world of difference.

My Nightmare is living.

Author's Note

This one was quite rushed sorry guys.

Written by I love scary stories

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