I walk down a beaten path.

Alone I wander with the monster of my nightmares.

I feel a slight sensation of cold warmth run through my body as it touches me.

The mighty beast named Death embraces me with a hate like no other.

I've danced with a million devils.

I've made love to a million angels.

Yet I've never felt something as engrossing as this.

I liked it. 

Why did I like it?

I didn't know at the time.

I know now though.

I needed this.

I needed to be alone.

I got exactly what I needed.

No city of angels for me.

Just a black hole of silence.

I thank Death for what he's done for me.

I now say goodbye without regret to the world I knew before this.

I tried to give you the best possible look at what might be running through someones head when they are committing suicide. (Although I've never attempted.) I tried to sum it up in a more poetic sort of way.

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