Note To Reader Edit

The story is about how one's life can come to a tragic end, and has a huge effect on another's life.

This story is from a narrator's point of view. It is based off Pokemon. Please tell me what you think, and this is more of a sad story than a creepypasta.

Creepypasta Edit

One day, a trainer and her Lucario were playing with a frisbee in a field, and everything seemed fine.

Trainer: "Hey Lucario, catch!" She then throws the frisbee and the Lucario runs after it.

Lucario: "Lucario! (I've got it!)"

The Lucario then ran into the woods, chasing after the frisbee like a energetic little Pichu. The trainer then waited a while for Lucario to return, but he didn't for about 10 minutes. She was worried more than she ever was.

Trainer: "Where are you Lucario?!" She then looked like she was about to break out in tears when he didn't respond. She went into the woods and tore branches out of the way. She saw two figures in the distance.

Trainer: "Lucario?" She tore away the branches to see that Lucario was wounded by a Beedrill. She then tried to beat the Beedrill away, but to no avail, the Beedrill was too stubborn to fly away. It then dashed right at her, about to put a hole in her chest.

Trainer: "AHHH!" She screamed in fear. suddenly, Lucario got up and took the hit, putting a hole in his chest. He was slowly dying.

Lucario: "Lucaarrioooo... (It's too late to save me.)" He then coughed and gagged, blood pouring slowly out of his chest and mouth. He was gonna die. There was nothing anyone could do at that point. His eyes slowly closed...

Trainer: "Nooo! Don't die please!" She began to sob, grieving over the to-soon-be death of her best friend in the world.

Lucario: "Lucario... (Goodbye, friend...)" His eyes the closed.

The Lucario then died. The trainer began to cry, because she lost the only friend she had. Suddenly, a blue aura floated towards her. It was Lucario's spirit. It came to say it's goodbyes to the trainer. It was able to speak like a human at that point.

Lucario: "Don't you worry, we will always be friends. Everything will be okay. I'll always be with you old friend. I'm in a better place now. I died for you..." He then faded away, never to be seen again.

Trainer: "My only friend, gone..." She then started crying even more, but remembered what he said. She later moved on with her own life. She soon got a Zoroark and went on adventures with it. And two years later, she stumbled upon a wild Riolu...

And thought of the friend she used to have.

The End. Edit

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