Hello everyone! This isn't Marshall this time. For those of you that read "The Second Coming" you saw Marshall was suicidal. Well, that was a real reflection of Marshall's life. Tons of things about Marshall in the creepypasta were true. This is Autumn writing for him because he wanted it to be announced. Marshall finally killed himself, he jumped off a bridge. He asked me to put it up if he ever did kill himself.

Marshall's Suicide NoteEdit

Well, here I am, on a bridge. A few cars are driving behind me but no big deal. You guys aren't intrested in that shit. You want to know why I killed myself, don't you? I guess I should say. First off, I should start off by saying Autumn. You weren't a reason, you were my only reason to live. I hope you have a good life ahead of you, and don't jump like me. You have people to live for, things to see, I'm irrelevant. You know I'm Athiest too, so if you do, I won't see you in heven, I'm just put into the ground. I love you Autumn, but you didn't love me back, I died everyday on the inside. Now Bailey, you fucking dumbass. I hate you, I wanted to be your friend, but you just wanted me gone. So I stopped trying, I just tried staying low. You don't want that though. The kids everyone knows, wheather you like them or not, you left them alone. Bailey, this suicide note is spread throughout the school. Everyone will see it, and you'll look like a real asshole with your name pasted ALL OVER IT!

Now to my family. I wasn't important to you, I was just there to give you money when you wanted it. Greedy. You guys are still out of town. I'm fed up with being a tool, a pack mule. Whatever you call it, I'm finished.

Well, I would continue, but I hear police sirens, someone probably saw my note or saw me on the bridge. Autumn, don't cry. Everybody's gotta die sometime. Bye bye.

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