Know that we were once like you. We lived.

Now all we stand for lies in ruins. Rusting in the mud.

Our ideals forgotten. Our temples and icons cast out and destroyed.

Crushed by the boot of 'liberation', now the trees grow in the remains of our factories.

And the people dressed in rags look on, as the continent closes it's eyes.

The rain, thick with chemical rainbows, rushes through our soil, washing out our sins.

Washing out our legacy, flooding over our footsteps.

Deep in the forests of a collapsed city, the wind whispers a word.


Soon, you will become like us.

Your cities will scream, as the lights go out.

Rain on the rooftops. Storm clouds on the stars.

The ship is sinking, into the cold abyss.

Even now, as your economy is falling apart.

You still believe that things will continue.

That Things will return to normal.

War consumes you.

Greed devours you.

Pestilence ensnares you.

Yet you still believe.

What do you see in that tattered flag?

What do you see in the ideals that were killed off long ago?

Do you retain your hope?

All your noble beliefs, prostituted off by your 'leaders'.

Everything you once believed in, ground into the dirt.

You will return back into the soil from where you came.

For that is the nature of all things. 

Lonely skyscrapers stand empty, monoliths to a dying future.

Row upon row of house crumbling, the families that were one inside long dissolved.

People reduced to outlines on the bricks.

Shops shuttered, schools emptied.

Crops are dying.

The fires of burning lives light the night sky with a sickly glow.

Human corpses on the waves, crash through the sea like driftwood.

Bleached and forgotten.

Bones like fragile twigs.

Lie piled on the sand.

In the mist a forgotten skyline. 

Soon, you will become like us.

And we will become like you.

For that is the nature of all things.

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