Note before this creepy pasta: Sorry if I butcher some words at the time of writing I am super tired xD

Have you ever played Mario? If you haven't then WHERE WERE YOU FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS?!?!?!?!?! But yeah, Mario isn't very nice at times.

So I downloaded this Mario game on my PC a while ago. I loved it! But then I found other games like TF2 and COD and Battlefield and that kind of stuff. I was bored and my internet was broken so I tried to load up Mario. I really wish I hadn't.

The game tried to load up but it didn't work. So I went into the code and stuff and fixed it. (Computer genius right here!!) But when I went back to load it up it was called Abandoned.exe. But I just thought it was something that I done.

So it came up like normal except it used to have Mario jumping around in the background but he wasn't there. But I just ignored it and started up my old file. When I loaded it up Mario still wasn't there. So I went back into the files and added a little pink pixel. When it came back up I just saw the little pink pixel hopping around. I wasn't that good at Mario so I just got to the end of World 2 where Bowser is. So I went into the castle and got to the boss room. But instead of it being Bowser it was Mario? Why was he there and not Bowser???? But I just went in anyway. (Worst idea ever...) So when I went in Mario started talking. He said: Why have you abandoned me? I have been waiting for years. So let's have some fun! Then a bleeding Mario came up like a screamer and the power went out but the game was still on. He said: Beat the game and I will give you back what you need.

So I kept playing. I beat everything until I got to the second to last level. It was glitchy. There was about 10-100 bowsers then like 1000 goombas and koopas. So I decided not to do anything and just call my mom. But the cords were all cut. So I tried to go outside. And it was locked from the outside. So I will just wait...

This was the last we heard from him. Police found him dead in the house with a note beside him. Why did you abandon me?

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