My name dosen't matter all that does matter is there is a danger, a danger so common it always goes unoticed at least by the victim. This danger is addiction.

Lets begin with my story, my addiction... World Of Warcraft. It is a game I know many play, many love and many hate I however, have no feelings toward this game as what happened to me was my own fault. Lets begin. I had been playing the game for 12 hours and my parents told me to get off with hesitation I did. All i thought about that night was the game and getting back on I did however get to sleep.

The following morning I went on my character and started questing before I got off the last night I was on the black temple. I got up to where I was and started to battle Illidan I got him low on health but then he killed me. I spent another 12 hours trying to beat him then I finally did. My mother came in and said "if this addiction carries on you will lose your sanity". I shrugged what she said off and continued playing. She gave up and went to bed 12 more hours passed and I was on Wrath of the lich king.

I had finally hit level 90 after 12 more hours of grinding. I had been playing 36 hours straight. It was time to take on Arthas the lich king. During the fight I went to get a drink and everything around me disorted. When I got back I finished of Arthas with just a slither of health. Now it was time for Cataclysm.

After yet another 12 hours getting a total of 48 hours It was the deathwing fight every so often everything would disort and I would come close to passing out. When I beat the first part of deathwing his "spine" I fainted. The last thing I saw was Arthas' sword Frostmourne stabbing me. I woke up in a spongey room I felt cut off from everything. And then I realized I was in a mental institution.

So just remember if you feel like your getting addicted just think of me.  

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