The Fall was definitely the worst thing to happen to humanity. Siblings turned on each other for necessities. Cities became warzones. All forms of government crumbled. The death toll still isn't completely figured, but it's estimated to be well over 5 billion. The world, prior to the Fall, had a population of over 15 billion. And to think, in a matter of days, over a quarter of the population was annihilated. Some countries are still able to generate electricity for their military.

The Fall began when I was still young. It was 2066. The President of Russia and the President of the United States had a disagreement regarding oil. Russia wanted more money for less oil, but the United States wanted more oil for less money. Oil went for around $600 a barrel at the time. The Middle Eastern countries became too dangerous for oil operations after the Republic of Asia started invading other countries for oil and other precious resources.

Terrorism didn't help either. The survivors of the Islamic Genocide of 2058 banded together in an attempt to keep their religion alive. Despite their best efforts, the Islamic faith was completely annihilated on May 19th, 2071. Four years before the Fall would, finally grasp itself into all the economic superpowers of the world.

On the morning of November 5th, 2075, a group of anarchists were able to kill the members of the United States congress. Similar attacks sprung up in the European States, Russia, and the Republic of Asia. With a shift of power in their governments, the four countries were crippled. Martial law was enacted all over the globe. One year later, all four governments fell, one by one.

As the governments fell, different groups tried to gain control of different places. In the United States, for example, the remnants of the Government tried to keep D.C. in their control using the F.B.I., C.I.A., and Secret Service. A lack of people caused their downfall when D.C. was sieged for 101 days.

Every army across the world then put their power and weaponry into use. Disagreements between branches of the militaries caused numerous fights, such as the infamous Battle of Nashville. The Marines believed they should attempt to evacuate Nashville before "cleansing" it, while the Army believed that everyone in Nashville was too far gone to be saved. Long story short, they destroyed Nashville, killing almost everyone there.

But still, humanity drags on. It is now the year 2089, and the world is looking like I won't see a day where peace is preferred over violence ever again.

Author's NoteEdit

This story is meant to be a prologue for a series I am currently working on. This is meant to give an inside look at what the world is like in this series.


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