The night is over, 1 AM rolls by and my heart begins to pound. Once again, I have to prepare for the morning. I make a mad dash towards the cabinet and pull out my gun, or rather, their gun. I grab the music box from the crib, being as careful with it as possible, it is my only defense. I let my dog outside, they don't mind him. I lock myself in my room, turn off the lights and close the blinds. The clock reads 1:05.

The sheet tacked to the wall lists my plan, all the steps have been followed. I can hear a loud thump coming from upstairs. The clock reads 1:10. They are awake. Footsteps can be heard coming down the stairs. They once belonged to my parents. All the residents of the neighbourhood come out of their houses and stalk the streets for living, breathing, flesh. I am the only one who lives and breaths anymore. I can hear them shuffling around the streets aimlessly. I have done this many times before , only this time I feel afraid. After 3 years of this, today I feel fear. The clock reads 2:15.

I finally realize something. I have neglected to load my gun. The bullet is in the same cupboard where I keep my gun. Outside of my room. The clock reads 3:48. I finally find the courage to get the bullet. I step as lightly as I can outside my room, bringing the music box and the gun with me. I get to the cupboard and try to find the bullet. The soft blue light of the morning shines through the window, signifying my time is almost up, and I cannot find the bullet.

CRASH. The window in front of me shatters, and a lanky , pale figure lunges out. I run back to my room and slam the door shut locking it. Silence fills the air for just a moment, the longest moment of my life. Footsteps can be heard marching toward my house, and into my house. They make it to my door and stop. Hands run down my door. Dead, empty whispers fill my ears. The clock reads 5:51.

The door begins to give way to the vigorous slamming. I reach for the music box. A music box that isn't there. The door begins to crack. My time is running short. I look around the room for an answer to my predicament. I fixate on the gleaming light coming from the book case in the corner of my room. It is a single bullet. The very same one I have been looking for. I hear a voice in my head. A voice that I have long since forgotten the name of. Do it.

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