These are the last two entries of a blog that has been recently shut down. I thought I should post them here for safe-keeping, because it's pretty creepy and weird.


November 28th, 2015.

Hello again. Robbie here. It's been awhile since I last posted. But, I got some good news. Candi is fine. She recovered in the vet and is now home safe and sound.

Woo hoo! Pretty awesome! Though, something weird happened while I was at my house today. I was sitting around when suddenly I got a text from a no caller id. Here, I took screenshots of the conversation. Have a look.


Right now I'm getting ready to go over there. I just put on some clothes and am ready to head out. I'll tell you what happens when I come back.


December 11th, 2015

Hey guys. This is Gary, one of Robbie's closer friends. I have some unfortunate news. A couple weeks ago, Robbie died. On the 28th of November, after I got a couple texts from him asking for help, he told me where he was and we found that he had stumbled into an abandoned building. While he was there, the building caught on fire and burned him alive. The only thing that was saved from the fire was his phone.

I was, and still am devastated, to say the least. Though, I found something odd. I was looking through his blog, and I saw his last post he made. I told the police about the texts, and they said they couldn't find anything from the texts on the phone, so they let me have it.

That's where things got strange. I looked at the texts from the unknown caller, and I found that while Robbie was in the building, he sent texts to the No Caller ID.


Here are pictures of the final texts he sent.

Me and all his friends and family still have no idea what happened to him that night. We still talk about it, and we hope one day we'll find an answer. But a part of me feels like there is no answer, or if there is, it's too late to find out now.

Good luck, Robbie. I hope to see you in another life.


Written by TimaeusTesticle

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