This is my second mindfuck creepypasta, I hope you all enjoy it. - JirachiStudios

An Awful LifeEdit

I live with my family in a northeastern part of Canada. Our family owns a lumber shipping company called カナダのロギン. In case you're wondering, my family and I are from Northern Japan and moved to Canada because our company wasn't doing very well in Japan.

Things weren't much better in Canada. I was around the age of seventeen when our family business went into bankruptcy. I decided to move to the US in an attempt to earn enough money to buy our company out of bankruptcy.

I spent the remaining money I had to ride a plane to Texas. I landed in the airport of the town Dalhart. I traveled to the south on foot and found a small town. They were having trouble with animals in their town, destroying their crops and burning their homes.

They wanted me to kill the animals and said they would pay me twenty dollars per dead animal. They told me what they looked like and that they would not pay me unless it was one of these two animals. One was a reptile and the other was a red armadilo with rather large eyes.

Killing the animals was difficult, as all they didn't even give me a weapon, so I had to make do with what I brought with me. The monsters were even more difficult to kill because they were nocturnal and buried underground during the day.

They gave me a shovel to dig into their tunnels. I usually started early in the morning so I would be out of the sun before it got too hot. It got less difficult as time went on, but it is still difficult. After about two months of doing this, the villagers gave me a nickname.

The nickname was DigDug.

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