Have you ever had a feeling like you were being watched? I think we all do at some point in time. Now whether or not someone actually is... Well, that depends on you...

The path I was walking on was somehow gloomy and dark. It was as if someone had thrown a dark blanket over my head, making me lose what the true path was. It seemed like every step I took was pointless. When I turned around, a figure turned into black smoke and vanished. I thought that all those horror movies must have been getting to me, but this was no trick of the mind. 

A dark figure of death came into my field of vision. I saw darkness covered his face. He wasn't bad looking, but he looked sinister yet kind. Every time he took a step forward, a bone seemed to crack. He seemed like he was all skin and bones. He then spoke words I knew would change my life forever, though no one else would have listened to this serpent who was from the devil himself. He offered me a "gift" as he called it. Then everything was just erased from my very memory. I fell into a deep sleep.

When I had awoken my heart felt broken as if someone had took a knife and dug it out with their bare hands. I placed my hands over my chest, there was no heart beat. A new anxiety seized me. Why isn't it beating? I asked myself. Was I dead? Maybe this is all a bad dream, a "nightmare". How is it possible?

The dark figure of death appeared before me yet again. A dark sickening grin appeared on his face as if he had a hidden hatred towards me. He didn't have to say anything to convey what he was going to tell me. I was gonna suffer. Not from pain, but from a darker more insidious pain called regret. He had given me the gift of immortally and it had only cost me everything. He disappeared from my sight into nothing but ash and dust. It was as if he was never there to begin with.

I am innocent soul, we're all innocent souls until proven guilty by the wings of fate. My heart had stopped beating long ago. I walk this Earth both alive and dead with no purpose or feeling. All love has been torn from me. I guess this is what happens when you make a deal with the devil.

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