I've hated few things more than my broken legs. They forced me to add a railing system in my house, they've reduced my acting career to some VA jobs, they abolished jogging altogether, they turned taking showers and shits into a skill of its own, they even pushed my girlfriend away from me. True I was still a survivor in the entertainment business, but to see such a promising future thrown away left a bitter taste to my mouth. I could barely leave the house on my own, effectively making me a prisoner. There was only good thing I got from my useless limbs. Since I was alone and I couldn't do the things I used to, I went online and spent much of my free time there.

I was introduced to several people I'd call friends later in my life, I saw several things I never even heard of like The Nostalgia Critic, and after uploading a few short stories I wrote I was convinced to be an author, and after a few books this led to me making a nice (if moderate) fortune that kept me far way from debt. However, as anyone would know the internet has a dark side. However, what I experienced was the weird side of this world wide web.

One night I was sitting next to my computer, looking at sites that documented crimes. At the time, my next book was a murder mystery about a guy who killed his own mother so I did what any writer would do and researched some particularly gruesome cases of matricide. As I looked and looked, I came across a rather odd web forum that detailed in gruesome crimes. Wanting to get as much inspiration as I could, I entered the web forum and perused the forum.

I immediately saw an eye catching thread title: "How I sliced my mother's flesh into tortillas." Yes, the phrasing worried me too but I pressed onward, clicking the thread to open it. What I got was....:

"With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound He pulls the spitting high tension wires down
Helpless people on a subway train
Scream bug-eyed as he looks in on them

History shows again and again
How nature points up the folly of men."

Lyrics to a Blue Oyster Cult song, ok. I just closed out the forum and went searching elsewhere. This is where I got fucked by the supernatural. I looked at other forums and noticed something odd in the threads. All of the ones that discussed Matricide started with:

"History shows again and again
How nature points up the folly of men

Or sometimes they'd post just the grimace and sound part, either way it was the same song. As I looked through different web forums, I came across the same thing. Matricide thread, BOC lyrics. Turns out, I wasn't the only one to see this. A lot of the forums I visited made forum sticky or a bulletin message telling other members of a strange Troll attack that floods threads with matricide discussions and BOC. Was the song secretly about mommy killing or something?!

I decided to go to sleep in my wheel chair (no patience for struggling to get in my bed tonight) after having enough of this fucking nonsense. I had an early idea of what I wanted to write anyway so I gave up on the research and slept. Morning came, I woke up, wheeled to my computer, got on to a daily news site and...well Nature decided to pull this shit:

"Corpses in several Morgues hideously defiled with cryptic sentences."

I shook my head, already having a feeling of what exactly the sentences said and which corpses got them. Turns out, a bunch of murdered mothers got the lyrics to Godzilla scratched in their backs while most of us slept. I put my hand to my head and said: "Fuck it, I'm going to write."

I'd sometimes get a few phone calls from my family, detailing the news and I just let them jabber on as I worked. Nothing against them, I was just tired.

The week after that, several memorials for dead mothers were defiled with BOC lyrics. After that, entire cemeteries had instances of murdered mothers with Godzilla lyrics scratched into them! I then saw the potential of a book about this so I made a few drastic alterations to my incomplete draft, inspiration filling me inside.

"I have to go Mom." I remember saying, "I think I got a new best seller on my hands."

As I wrote my book, this thing went on for a while, slowly escalating from cemeteries to actual living mothers. This particular part I left out of the book, I didn't want it to be completely tasteless because the scars both physical and mental were too serious for me to cash in on. Then one day, they just stopped. Not another lyric of Godzilla was found anywhere, no corpse was undisturbed, life just carried on as normal. I eventually published the book titled: "Lyrics from the Corpse: A Terrifying True Story" about the event a few days after stopped and it topped the charts in one week. Hell, my book had the honor of getting ripped off by authors cashing in on the event.

Soon, I got the idea for another book and perused forums for some inspiration. I came across an oddly titled...yeah you know where this is going. I clicked the title, "How I cut my father's balls off." and I saw lyrics to Don't fear the reaper. I began a rough outline for my next book, making it a sequel to "Lyrics from the Corpse: A Terrifying True Story" though I didn't get too descriptive. I couldn't wait to see the outcome on this one.


Written by: Mr. 1up-Mushroom for the Urkel Bot trick to treat contest! Feedback is welcome!

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