He was so alone. His sorrow filled eyes made me so unhealthy, so hurt. I wanted to help him, so I did...


Hello again all, Tyrin and I here for another pasta to ruin everybody's days with the long anticipated sequel to I Won't Leave You! This page is created to host the four chapters of one very long pasta, estimated to be almost four times longer than the original if not maybe even more than that. I will try to finish this all by the end of the year, I'll be releasing each new chapter in "episodes" for this to be more than simply a work in progress.

Original Story: I Won't Leave You

Poem: The Ballad of Lonliness


Chapter One: No Matter the Cost

Chapter Two: Saw You Drown

Chapter Three: Every Rose Has Its Thorn


At this point, the story will turn into a solo project, solely written by FlakyPorcupine:

Chapter Four: What I've Always Been

Chapter Five: I Will Protect You

Chapter Six: For My Demons

And possibly other chapters to come.

Everything You Want to Know About I Won't Leave You/And Hell Will Follow Me

Written by FlakyPorcupine and Tyrin7