A lot of people have told me that the angels that visit me don't exist. That for some reason or another what I am seeing are falsehoods. However I know these angels are real and they do indeed visit me. One has helped me more so than the other angels that visit me. She has warned me of events that have yet to even occur to me. I only begin to wonder why they visit me specifically. I mean there are lots of other people who deserve to see what I have. I believe I do not need god's pity. Nor do I need his angels. Perhaps there is something special with me.Perhaps there is something I don't see in myself that makes me a priority.

Then I found out that I was not the only one who angels would visit. There were many kids my age that had many angels of different shapes and sizes visiting them. Within our village many of us have seen angels flying around contacting us of holy wisdom and foresight.

Certainly now people of within this town would now believe me when I say angels have visited me. However, this was not the case even more people called me crazy for seeing angels. A lot of them would angrily whisper to not even speak of their possible existence.

Even at the age of 18 that I was I should know why everyone was so keen on telling me that angels don't exist. Perhaps I should ask why people were so ready to tell me that angels don't exist. So I did just that.

Me- "Why do people insist on saying you don't exist even if it is clear that you do?"

Gabriel- "Well my young one many are afraid to admit that we angels exist."

Me-"But why is that?"

Gabriel- "I can't tell you otherwise you'd know more than you should."

Me-"Is heaven some sort of secret?"

Gabriel-"I cannot conform nor deny that."

Me-"You always like hanging around me more than the other angels... Why is that?"

Gabriel-"If you search for those kinds of answers Simon you must go to the castle."

Me-"You mean..."

Gabriel-"Goodbye Simon!"

Before I knew it then angel showed me his horrid fangs and I hurriedly pulled out my holy whip from my waistline. I slashed it against the angel in an angry and scared fury. Then in a puff the angel was now nothing more than ashes.

I think I understood now why no one wanted to admit the existence of these angels. Now I still have questions. Hopefully the castle would contain the answers I seeked. Perhaps I would know more of this horror. God forgive me for slaying an angel he looked ready to attack me with that vicious glare.

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