(This has supplementary media that supports the story. It's highly recommended to view them, as the story will make more sense that way. It's preferable to view it in a pitch black or very dim room at night and alone, with headphones)  Every school has at least one person there who is heavily into anime and manga. For my school, that person is me. I've seen a lot of weird shit in my time with anime, but nothing makes me as unnerved and paranoid as Another. For those unfamiliar with Another, it's horror anime similar to Final Destination, with characters dying due to strange accidents caused by an unknown force. Most of this story can be explained by two YouTube videos on Another. The most unnerving scene happens to be the nightmare Kouichi Sakakibara has in Episode 7. I can't explain it in words, as it send shivers down my spine just thinking about it. For those that want to watch it, here's the link: That was the scene that scared me the most out of the entire anime. The death scenes also made me shudder with fear. The link to an uncensored compilation can be found here: I apologize for not really being able to say anything about Another. It's indescribable. I have no words to describe it's content. You just have to see it...

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