Something seems different. Something... Spooky.

As the moon watches over you, you look at your map again. This is definitely the place... The mansion where STORMLILLY used to live. . .

A spooky air chills you to the bone. In front of you, the gates of an ancient (and very terrifying) mansion sway heavily in the breeze... Before you realize....

There is no breeze...

Castle gates

Entering into the dark, gloamy darkness - you spy several torches, lighting your way.

Could it be, that STORMLILLY was expecting you..?

Or perhaps...


Blue flame 3
Blue flame 3

Your heart begins to race...

Engaged in a scary chase...

Bowl of fire
Bowl of fire
There's nowhere left to place...

The teardrops on your... face?

(I ran out of grace.)

Regaining your wits, you take a look around you.
Come here
Big skelleton
Smoking skull

Doom cacom 2
Servants of STORMLILLY! A̶r̶e̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶y̶ ̶c̶u̶t̶e̶?̶


Oh no... You've been caught... And you are alone in this terrifying mansion... On the most terrifying... Ellipses... Night of the year.... Halloween... Samhain... Sawin... You are definitely in trouble. But wait, just beyond those doors - is it?.. It is! A study!

Inside, STORMLILLY is waiting. STORMLILLY: Oh. I see... Er. Uh, you met some of my servents... I'm not used to talking to people... If you bring me a DECADENT PUMPKIN I can create Pumpkinheads to serve you, I guess... I'm not very good at this yet...

STORMLILLY: Anyway, you should leave... Who knows what other SPOOKY things might be lurking just... around... the corner... Muahahahaha...

Then STORMLILLY fades into the air! Were they a ghost?!? THIS ENTIRE TIME?.. All that is left is the magical FLOWERORB they were staring into...

And sincere wishes...

To have a happy... And spooky...


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