Are you afraid of God?

Molten lava, skin akin. Deathly grey were the eyes, howling through the empty soul. Mouth gaping wide, blood pouring through, vast and vacant the sea of red. Fish, dead in the liquid, on the ground, writhing, clawing, screaming in silence for the last remainders of life. Melting away, laughter shrill. Tall, larger than any other it was. Reaching out, my chest punctured by the searing finger. Pain surged through my entire cadaver. “I am God,” says it. Open my eyes I did, in his I saw yours, I did. Fading away, it leaves then and there. I stare down at my chest, no mark visible but a face, one I saw in the beast’s eyes, engraved in my skin.

I look in the mirror, yet no mirror can be seen, instead a window. A room in which the face of my chest lay silent, midnight moon shining through. I try to look away, yet my feet are frozen in the spot in which I am bound by curse; bound by God. I must stare, wielding my arms, my side and welded too. Although disabled in movement, I feel myself growing ever so slightly closer to the room. I don’t want to hurt the child, you’re still so young. My body begins growing intense in heat, and I hear viscous liquid fall to the ground. I wince in pain, with no control of stopping it. I move closer still, at the rate dreadfully slowly claim ground, I shall not see you, and you shall not see I, until you’re much older; but I am coming, never the less, and I shall do the same as before me, only to escape my curse from God.

Are you afraid of me?

Refreshing Demise (talk) 07:34, June 7, 2014 (UTC)

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