As I Stand Here

by Jowel

I had always admired my best friend Daniel. He had alyways been a nice guy, supporting me, helping me when  I was in trouble. Yesterday he had still been my best friend, but not today. He helped me get out of my depression. I had always helped him as much as I could, but could never make up for what he did for me.  He made me say "Life is great!" when I would have said "I don't want to live". He said that we were friends,  and that no one else could come in between. I knew he knew that he were my only friend, and that I'd never let go of him. We were simply too connected.

We had decided to meet in our local park. I didn't have anything else to do so jumped on my bike ten minutes before I should have. When I arrived I saw that he were there, and with someone else. It was Samantha. I just stood there, thirty meters away and watched them kiss and say goodbye. I felt sad.   Was I losing him? Were he going to let me go for her?

He hadn't seen me, so I walked up to him and said hi. He answered, but not with the same tone as he uesd to. His voice sounded uninterested. I asked him if he wanted to come to my house, and he said sure, but this time  with a little bit more interest. We biked to my place and went inside. We sat down in the couch and I got him a glass of milk. I asked him if he saw together with Samantha, and he answered yes. I felt sad. I asked him how much time we could spent together now we he was together with Samantha. His voice was a bit sad when he said he couldn't spend much time with me. I felt sick. Angry.

The day continued pretty normal, but at the end of the day, Daniel looked me in the eyes and said he was going hiking with Samantha and wouldn't be back for a month. I felt even more anger than before. He told me he was going to move on with his life, and that he would spent most of his sparetime with Samantha. I felt betrayed. I told him to leave now and he did.

I broke down on my couch. I now felt the deepest anger i had ever had in my entire life. How could he just do this to me? I wanted to puke but didn't. It felt like falling into a new dimension. Something inside of me snapped. A pin holding the door of insanity from not opening, and now the pin was pulled, the door opened. I didn't think. I just grabbed a knife from the kitchen, opened my front door and stepped outide. I ran. I ran all the way to Samanthas house and slammed her door open. Her parents weren't home. I called for Samantha and she came downstairs.

As she saw me she stopped. Her smile turned inte a confused look. "Tim?", she said. "What are you doing here?". I didn't answer. I just ran towards her. She didn't have much time. I pulled out my knife and ten seconds later she was dead. The knife was sticking out of her stomach. I just ran home and got on my bike. I biked to Daniels house. I was still insane. I slammed the door open and ran upstairs to Daniels bedroom. I opened his door. Daniel just stared at me in surprise. He stood up and walked in front of me.

"Whats the matter, Tim?" "Its just you and me now", I said.

And as I stand here, facing Daniel, I feel happiness.

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