~So I had a bit of trouble finding this Creepypasta. Somehow I lost all my copies of it even though it was saved on my PC, Portable Hard Drive, Netbook and USB. I managed to retrieve it from my old DeviantArt profile. No this is not part of the Creepypasta and yes it actually happened. Even all my friends I sent it too were unable to find it, so who knows what happened to them~

There is a second part, a second part you never heard of, a second part that was never meant to be, a second part that was revealed for the world to see, a second part which put all of humanity in danger.


After reading and watching the videos Matt left behind, I sat in the corner of the room and cried for the fate of my best friend, and my inability to save him. After a while, I don't know how long I stayed there for, but I had to do what Matt wanted me to do, analyse the pieces of the puzzle he left for me, and this is what I've come up with so far.
~The videos "MATT" and "children" were never released.
~In his notes, a few words choices seem out of character for Matt. Mainly "Thank you for taking the time to open this and open yourselves up to me by hearing my story. . . really you shouldn't have done that. . . now I am finally free of this."
~The document contains three instances where the word "believe" (or a variation) is used where a different letter is capitalized for each separate instance, "beLieve," "belIeve" and, "beliEving". The capitalized letters spell out "LIE".
~Before Matt's salutation of, "Thanks Again, Matt," there contains a corrupted latter "a". NOOb04 states that the corruption is "zalgo," which is used to represent corruption or decay.
However, what it all means, I don't know. . . Nor does it explain how or why Matt had to die. Maybe the answers. . . lie in the game. . .

Chapter 1Edit

Before playing the game, I went to Matt's YouTube page, but I noticed there was something different about it. There were two new logs in his "recent activity". Having associated myself with the users of the forum where he posted his notes, I directed their attention to them to help me decode the messages. It was only a few minutes before they were deciphered to be, "think about it" and ".net". After a few more minutes a coded URL lining to an ancient support tech forum was discovered. As I browsed the page, two things stood out to me, the ".net" structure and a part of someone's answer to the problem stating, "You shouldn't have done that."
The same fear that Matt described gripped me as I felt my body shaking as a new tab was opened to the site, .

User: Hello?
Cleverbot: Hello Tyler.
User: How do you know my name?
Cleverbot: This and that.
User: Answer me Ben!
Cleverbot: Only a matter of time.
User: Why did you kill Matt?
Cleverbot: The secret deluded him.
Cleverbot: Play the game.
User: No!
Cleverbot: Too late.
User: What?
Cleverbot: It has begun.

I immediately informed the users of the forum who panicked as soon as I copy and pasted the chat log.
How did Ben get onto my laptop? I haven't downloaded any of Matt's files or even screengrabbed it. Ben is watching me now too. But there's something I don't understand, Matt stated he was destroying the game in his notes, yet I found it with the USB he left behind. Could Ben move that quickly to silence Matt before he could destroy it? Or is it some part of his fucked up game that Matt only thought he was destroying the game but in reality Ben was just making him see that so he could continue the game. I don't know now, I'm backed into a corner with only one way out, play the game.

We found a new website from the coded URL, a user on the forum put two and two together and came up with his, .

As I looked through I noticed straight away it was a cultist site. It had the usual shit, various chants for rituals and instructions and references to masks. Apparently they're involved somehow. It was a standard apocalypse theory, they wanted to bring the end of the world. But as I looked closer, there were eerie similarities to the site and Majora's Mask. The cult is devoted to the moon and call themselves Moon Children, similar to the Children of the Moon in Majora's Mask who reside inside the moon itself.

There are images at the top of the screen that reference areas in Majora's Mask, they depict swamplands, mountains, seas, canyons, cities and an apocalypse.

I was sure this was important, so I bookmarked the page, I was greeted with an icon of the Majora's Mask, making the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. I clicked the image to save it, but in the image properties, the pictures stated, "Do you honestly think you can escape me?" I checked another image at the top of the screen, this one stated, "It's what they DON'T want you to know."

I decided to copy the text and shut the computer down, my hands were shaking and my breath got caught in my throat, but as I highlighted the text, a hidden message showed up, saying, "Like little lambs. The man is smiling." My mind immediately jumped to one of Matt's videos where a text box says, "Why is he smiling? The father." and the Happy Mask Salesman. I shut off the computer and just sat there. I could only see one option and it was one I really didn't want to consider, however, the more I thought about it, the more it seemed it was the only option.
Play the game.

I stared at the game, trying to summon as much courage as I could before I turned it on. After a few minutes I finally flicked the Nintendo 64 on and the game loaded like normal. It was when the save file screen appeared the game went completely chaotic. The normal blue select screen was a dark shade of crimson, the song was a twisted, distorted, butchered version of the Majora Incarnate theme and the two save files were called "WELCOME" and "TYLER". I hit the reset button as quick as I could, my heart thumping in my chest and the ominous feeling of misfortune sitting heavy as lead in my stomach. The game was getting more violent and aggressive.

At the screen where the mask flies by, Skull Kid's theme song was playing faintly and the mask's eyes were black. Breathing hard, I pressed start and to my relief the save file select screen was normal again, but the file names were still the same.

I decided to play the "WELCOME" file and was launched straight into Termina Field, I looked around tentatively but noticed nothing was out of the ordinary. I did however notice I was facing Snowhead Mountain, guessing where that was where I had to go, I headed off.

Chapter 2Edit

I jumped down into the snow to enter Snowhead but something caught my eye, the wall that displays songs (the one where you play the song and it dispenses rupees) had a song on it I knew only too well, The Elegy of Emptiness. Hesitant, I pulled out my Ocarina and slowly played the song. As soon as I finished, Link made a flinching animation and a dark shape jumped from the wall and pulled him into it, Link screaming as he was pulled away. I gripped my controller as tight as the fear that gripped me. I was transferred to the area where you free the Goron Elder and he teaches you the Goron Lullaby Intro. Link picked himself off the ground and I was given control of my avatar. I ran around aimlessly, wandering what the game, or Ben I should say, wanted me to do. I stopped, and held the controller so tight that it was cutting off circulation, I felt like an ice cube has been dropped down my throat as I came face to face with an Elegy statue frozen in ice. Tremors ran through my body and I quickly ran in the opposite direction, only to come face to face with another Elegy Statue encased in ice. I looked around, in every ice block there was an Elegy Statue, not doing anything, just staring, like it could see me through my character.

As I tried to run away, the Happy Mask Salesman laugh resounded through the room and the screen faded to "Dawn of the Final Day" with the subtext, "24 hours remain".

As the screen faded back in I was standing inside the Deku Palace, inside the cage with the monkey. I tried exiting the cage but I ran into an invisible wall. Reluctantly, I walked up to the monkey and talked to him, but what happened next made me realize how much control Ben has over the game, and in turn, over me. Instead of talking to the monkey Link untied him and freed him. Control was taken off me as the camera zoomed to the Deku King who approached the cage and said, "You shouldn't have done that." And the screen faded again.

Immediately I was transported to a dark place which I didn't recognise, I walked forward a few steps before I realised where I was, the riverside before you enter the Ikana Village. But what made me realise made me want to dive under my bed and stay there forever. Rain pelted down hard, making Link look like a lost, scared little kid, lightning flashed that lit up the river that was tunning, black instead of the normal light blue. Thunder roared so loud that it shook objects on my desk, but the most horrifying was the moon. It loomed just metres above, it's eyes the glowing reddish-orange colour when Skull Kid possesses it, while an unknown song looped over and over.
I was barely given time to turn around when a large beast-like creature charged Link with a terrifying roar and was thrown into the black river which swept him away, drowning out his pleads for help.

At this point I was almost crying from fear. I knew what Matt was talking about in his notes, I could feel another presence in the room the more I played, like a silent killer watching for you to let your guard down so it can strike. This presence was one I could not ignore no matter how desperately I wanted to. It just wouldn't leave me alone, it twisted and coiled around me until every rational thought was destroyed and I was a mental wreck.
I reappeared inside the moon, the four children forming a circle around me. I tried pushing past them but they just shoved me back in. I looked at the day clock and froze. A countdown had appeared with one minute to go, the symbol was making its last revolution except where the number "12" should have been, there was the word "BEN".

Chapter 3Edit

I didn't move, in-game or in real life. The children started talking to me, they talked about Matt. Tears of fury ran down my face as they insulted him, he wasn't smart enough to finish the game, too dumb to figure out the secret, useless toy to get to me.

I flung the controller aside and pulled the game out of the console and unplugged it. Nobody calls Matt that, dead or alive or ghost or whatever. Ben better have some answers.

User: That better be you Ben.
Ben: Did you have fun?
User: Stop fucking with me Ben. How did you die?
Ben: You know, why ask questions you know?
User: Don't play with me, how did Ben drown?
Ben: Tragic.
User: Ben's death?
Ben: Yes.
User: How?
Ben: I had a babysitter, he was obsessed with games. He brought a game he had just bought, Majora's Mask. He was so obsessed he didn't see the dog knock me into the pool, or him screaming for help as he drowned. An innocent mistake at first, to my surprise, I could still hear and see what played out afterwards. An innocent mistake turned into deliberate murder. The dog told to run and jump on him, bribed with food, and ignored my screams.
User: That's not our fault! Why do we have to pay?
Ben: No one's fault yet everyone's fault.
User: Talk sense!
Ben: The secret is revealed.

Ben's death was an accident, so why is he doing this? Reading over Matt's notes I came across the part where he states whatever this thing is, may not be Ben, but the person who killed Ben and took his identity. That's what made me notice that while this thing was talking, it would switch between saying words like "I" and "me" for "him" and "he", whether or not it has any significance I don't know but it strikes me as strange.

My attention was then directed to Matt's mediafire by users in the forum. Files were being uploaded and removed rapidly. How could this be? No one else besides Matt knew his password. The files kept coming and going, all of them in .txt format. After countless files they stopped. What happened next I don't quite believe or understand. The only way I can explain it is by showing it to you. All I know is that my computer downloaded another file from Matt's mediafire automatically. I thought Ben was trying to manipulate me again until I read it.  The others were working on putting the files in order.

Dammit Tyler, listen to me! He can reach anything anywhere, it doesn't matter but it takes him time. I didn't want to do things this way, but I realized I have to now, I realized I was overconfident and so was he. Just remember, the key to unlock this thing is the one sure way to see the truth. I have to go now, let the upload run, everything will happen automatically after that. I have a feeling I won't be seeing you again. . .

This was a message from Matt. . . but I couldn't get emotional now, we had to figure out these messages first. I let the users know and forwarded the message to them. Soon the messages were put in order.

Chapter 4Edit

This is the first. These messages will not last long. I have set up a failsafe so that you all will get this information before Ben can tamper with it, and it will be quickly removed so that he cannot infect it. I hope you are watching this account.

By now, I'm either long gone, or it's caught up to me. Either way, these uploads will be my last messages to you.
Wait for them.

Now I realize what he kept saying. . . that it was in front of us the whole time, I am surprised nobody got it but me.
All of the clues were there. . . haha . . . a few of you came really close.

I told you if things got really bad, that I would contact everyone I could and give them what I have. Now that it can no longer protect me, I will be doing just that.

These files going up here, they're on a timer. The timer is taking them down too. Everything will be automated, so don't worry. Despite not knowing you did, I have a feeling you all provided me protection in my more harrowing hours. Maybe it's just wishful thinking. I can't tell you how I'll be letting out. If Ben doesn't know, when it goes, he'll have less time to try and stop it. Just keep an eye out. I hope this reaches at least one of you, and you will spread the word.

Know that Ben's lies will only reach so far. He wants you to keep playing. He wants you in the game, but only just enough so that he can keep mocking you. That file that led you to9 me, it contained a larger secret than you know.

All of the answers are right there. Think.
By now you might have noticed a pattern. I won't tell you if that pattern is useful or not. Just keep watching. Today you will get all the answers I have. That's only the first part of things, though. There's more to it. You have all been following this as though it were a game.
Ben, he was part of that game, so he sees things in hues that reflect it, but it's real now. It's beyond a game. I know it's natural for everyone to want to look deeper. To make connections where they don't exist. The truth has always been right there. Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the answers were given to you.
Few things have been reoccurring, but if you look, if you really look, they're there. The salvation comes in noticing what has emerged in the pattern. There will be something more than these notes, soon. Again, I will not tell you when, just keep watching. If you can get to it before him, it will contain parts of the puzzle, but it will be up to you to put them together before he does.
These are my last words. If after the following file is received, you still haven't figured things out. . . then I guess I've failed you all. I hope Ben does not get to things before you do, but know that over the past few days, I have not only trained you to know what the answers are, but I've spelled them out for you as well. I don't think you'll hear from me again. Thank you all. Goodbye, and good luck.
- - Matt

Chaos, complete and utter chaos. Matt claimed to have given us all the answers, but all he have us was more riddles. None of it made any sense.
That's when it struck me.
Matt tried playing the Song of Time in game and it didn't work, and he said it's more than a game now. So what if I played the Song of Time outside the game? I posed the question to the others and they all told me to try it. So I acquired a video of an adult Link playing the Song of Time in front of the Majora's Mask moon and posted it on Matt's YouTube account. Almost instantly a video response was posted entitled, "free". I clicked on the video and all it showed was a black screen with the text, "The counter resets, I'm glad you did that." I thought what that could possibly mean and then it struck me again.

I ran to the game and turned it on. I loaded the start screen and my hypothesis was proven right. Instead of "WELCOME" and "TYLER", there were two new files that I recognised immediately. "Link" and "BEN". Matt's file was back, just after he had beaten Woodfall Temple and before he deleted Ben's file. This was it, this was the secret. A chance to do things right. To do it for Matt and destroy Ben, and that's what I planned to do. 

Day 1 - Chapter 1Edit

I loaded Matt's file and sure enough, every now and then NPC's would call me "BEN" instead of "Link". I hit reset to make sure the files were the same, but this time I was careful not to delete Ben's file. My computer then beeped several times indicating someone was desperately trying to reach me from the forum. They directed my attention to the "You shouldn't have done that" website, but now there were just loads of binary on the home page. Immediately we set to work using various and several binary conversions, When we translated it, 
Deciphered to:
"You're not supposed to be here. Get.
The other pages had similar binary too under different headings that I will list here. These translated to the following.
The First: whatis? wherethis? help me please, i'm so scared. where is everyone?  i'm so lonely... mommy im so sorry. i promise i'll be a better son, i  promise i'll be the little boy you've always wanted, i miss you i'm so  scared... mommy just please wake me up. please PLEASE MOMMY  WHERE ARE YOU

The Fourth:
I can't stand it. I can't even have a moment  I can't stand it. I can't even have a moment no think. I want to kill myself, but I don't know how. Have to find a way, before I lose myself.

The Seventh:
I can become God.  I can become everything.
The last page just simply said "GET OUT".

Chapter 2Edit

I'm hearing noises in the house now, creaking, footsteps. It's like someone is here in the apartment with me, hiding in the shadows. Things have gone missing too, some I've found in strange places, but others are still missing. I know they're not where I put them so I'm not going insane. But it's real, just like Matt said, the game is real now. However my attention was drawn back to Matt's message by one of the users. They figured out what "mhftt" means. It led to a secret file on Matt's mediafire that was locked. "mhftt" was the password. It was another message from Matt. . . but this one was different. . .

"If you're reading this then you've found the secret message. This is the last one i can send out. I am not dead. its sitting right in front of you. You are meant to survive this, you can't give him what he wants. I don't know how to tell you this, but there is no more link now, he was the last thing that stood between you and IT as some kind of conduit. 'that conduit is severed now. there is notConsider this the REALhing that is separating you from him, he will try to get to you, It will try to break you, but you have to remain strong, you cannot it. It is sadistic. It will try and give you guys a fighting chance like it's given everyone else. it wants you to try and resist to try and be fooled into thinking that you have any semblance of free will. 
do not buy it. do not believe it. It is always watching, and it will lead you iTruth.txtnto oblivion if you let it. do not be fooled, if something is too good to be true - be wary. you must use this overconfidence and systematic prediction against it. how? I do not know. that is something that i could not figure out before the end. even now, its allowing me to reach you, through this message. 
Your first instinct may be to assume that this message has been tampered with, but then you may not really understand who It really is. It wants to play, it wants a challenge. It has led you thWhat are you talking about?is far for a reason, but now you will be given the means to fight back. I say let Its arrogance be its undoing. 
There are strength in numbers. you no doubt have others who will help collaborate with you. combine your brains together, compile every bit of evidence you have and share it amongst yourselves, and you may gain the upper hand yet. Do not ever let It use you. It thinks It is in control, yet despite all the omnipotence in the world, there is nothing more dangerous than the illusion of compliance."

The message sometimes makes sense, but it was disjointed and sometimes didn't make sense at all. And what did he mean by, "I am not dead"? It's like he wrote it after he died, but that's impossible. However it didn't take long to work out there was something more to this message. It wasn't long before it was worked out it was two messages in one. One was sentences that was capitalised, the other that weren't capitalised.

If you're reading this then you've found the secret message.
This is the last one i can send out.
I am not dead.
You are meant to survive this, you can't give him what he wants.
I don't know how to tell you this, but there is no more link now, he was the last thing that stood between you and IT as some kind of conduit.
(Consider this the REAL)
It is sadistic.
It will try and give you guys a fighting chance like it's given everyone else.
It is always watching, and it will lead you into oblivion if you let it.
I do not know.
Your first instinct may be to assume that this message has been tampered with, but then you may not really understand who It really is.
It wants to play, it wants a challenge.
It has led you this far for a reason, but now you will be given the means to fight back.
(What are you talking about?)
I say let Its arrogance be its undoing.
There are strength in numbers.
Do not ever let It use you.
It thinks It is in control, yet despite all the omnipotence in the world, there is nothing more dangerous than the illusion of compliance.

Uncapitalised sentences read:

(This is the last one) i can send out. 
its sitting right in front of you.  that conduit is severed now.
there is nothing that is separating you from him, he will try to get to you, It will try to break you, but you have to remain strong, you cannot it.
it wants you to try and resist to try and be fooled into thinking that you have any semblence of free will. do not buy it. do not believe it.
do not be fooled, if something is too good to be true - be wary.
you must use this overconfidence and systematic prediction against it. how?
that is something that i could not figure out before the end.
even now, its allowing me to reach you, through this message.
you no doubt have others who will help collaborate with you.
combine your brains together, starting with the recent "glitch", compile every bit of evidence you have and share it amongst yourselves, and you may gain the upperhand yet.

Chapter 3Edit

What does he mean he's not dead? That can't be. The police found his body, they confirmed him dead. He can't be alive, he can't be. There's only one way I'm going to get answers, and it's what I need to do to finish this.
I turned on the Nintendo 64, but at the screen where the mask flies by, it made a high pitched sound. I paused for a second. This was familiar,  Matt described a high pitched sound right before he played Ben's file. The files were "Your Turn" and "Ben" just like in Matt's video.
Maybe we really have gone back in time, the save files, the mask flying by, so far it was all the same as his playthrough of Ben.

I went into Ben's save file and immediately I was hit with gibberish, Link's body twisted into the same position in the video. Careful not to do anything I wasn't supposed to, I did th exact same things Matt did until I found myself in Termina Field. I knew where to go, I ran to the side until I reached Skull Kid, Epona, the Elegy Statue and the Happy Mask Salesman. I pulled out my ocarina and the song prompt appeared, I was about to play the Song of Healing when a thought struck me. I slowly played the Song of Healing, but in reverse. For you Zelda fans, you would know that this is Saria's Song in Ocarina of Time. Another textbox appeared stating, "I'm glad you did that."
I was kicked back to the title screen and a new file appeared over "Your Turn". "LAST TIME".
Last time obviously means this is our last chance to get this right before it's all over and Ben wins.
Matt, you said you're not dead, and I believe you. I know you can see this s well Ben. You hear that? You haven't silenced Matt, he's helping us now, and with his help, you're going to lose this game.
You shouldn't have done this Ben.

Ben definitely knows what's going on, I've been getting phone calls from blocked numbers, all the same. At first there's silence, then quietly with increasing volume, I can make out the reverse Song oh Healing. Then when it gets so loud I can barely keep the phone next to my ear, it stops. Then a voice just says, "You shouldn't have done that." On top of that, I'd be doing something simple like cooking or watching TV when I hear the kitchen tap or bath suddenly turn on. I know it's him doing it, but every time it happens it sends shivers up my spine. The sheer amount of control Ben has frightens me, I mean, how can he do all this?
The message in the game was quite clear, "LAST TIME" is our last chance to get this right. Ben won't answer me on Cleverbot, but I really didn't expect him too anyway. Matt tried to find ways of outsmarting the game, tricking it and finding loopholes, I think I know what I'm supposed to do. I'm going to wait until Day 4 in real life, making sure I've freed all the giants, go to the rooftop on Clock Tower and play Oath to Order. With any luck, the giants will hold the moon up and stop Clock Town from being destroyed, and by extension, us along with it.

Day 2 - Chapter 1Edit

You're beginning to slowly go insane.

You're beginning to slowly go insane.

You begin to slowly lose your grip on reality.

You begin to slowly lose your grip on reality.

Not time yet. Not time yet.

Too soon. Too soon.

Help me.

Please God help me.

My eyes.

They took.

Another who knows of them, chooses . . . mask . . . sends aid . . . fallen . . . he is alone against them.

It's not real.

This will hurt you.

You are waking up now. 1 day.

You are waking up now.

Pulling the plug.

Day 3 - Chapter 1Edit

I can't do it. I can't make it. I keep getting those phone calls, even though it's unplugged. It's the Elegy of Emptiness. Always the Elegy of Emptiness. Shadows move everywhere I look, they lurk threateningly towards me. I can't turn on the lights. Every time I do they shatter into a million pieces. I keep seeing water running down the walls, dripping off the roof. Everything I touch is wet. Every time I start to fall asleep I see the Moon Children circling around me in my mind and I jerk awake again. I want this to finish. I wish we never stopped at the old man's house. I wish we never bought this fucking game. I wish I never left Matt by himself. I wish Matt was still here. I wish he was still alive. I wish Ben would just fucking DIE.

Day 4 - Chapter 1Edit

It's finally the fourth day, we both know it. Ben has been getting desperate, the air is humid, but no matter what I do, I can't get rid of it. It's hard to breathe through it, once again, Ben's power just scares me. I switched on the game and felt the remaining blood drain from my face, the save files had changed again, this time to "WELL DONE" and "YOUR DOOM". I stared at the screen, frozen by the words on the screen. I shakily went to Well Done but I couldn't select it. It seems Ben doesn't want me to play that file. I anxiously highlighted Your Doom, the file had every single mask, every single item and every single heart piece.

I spawned on the Clock Tower Rooftop in the final hour before the moon crashes. I could distinctly hear the Final Battle music intervened with the Reverse Song of Healing, Skull Kid looming menacingly overhead. I quickly pulled out my ocarina and played Oath to Order. The giants made their call, and one by one, they appeared from the Swamplands, Canyon, Mountains and the Ocean. Together they struggled with the weight of the moon, but eventually the moon stopped falling.
I sighed in relief but almost straight away it turned into a gasp of surprise. Instead of showing Skull Kid throwing a tantrum, the giants started straining again before throwing the moon into the sky with a Team Rocket star twinkle and the screen faded to black.
I exhaled again and dropped the controller. That was it, the game is over, we won. There's no more Ben, no more haunting, he was defeated, dead, gone. I let out a laugh of elation, but then the screen faded back in  . . .
The screen faded back in and I was standing in the Final Boss room, in the centre of the room  was the little kid who normally sits under the tree inside the moon wearing the Majora's Mask. Skull Kid's laugh echoed quietly in the background. Unsure of what to do, I finally decided that I would try and destroy the mask. I charged at the boy, but as I went to attack him, he teleported to another part of the room and was replaced by an Elegy Statue. I watched horrified and unable to stop as Link attacked the statue and cut it in two. My mouth fell open as blood poured from the statue and Link lost four hearts. I tried to regain control of myself and went to attack the statue for the second time, but the same thing happened and Link lost another four hearts.
As I backed away from the boy and the bleeding bodies (of statues?), the Elegy of Emptiness played overhead. Panic flooded through m because I knew something was coming, and it wasn't going to be good for me. As the song finished playing, the rest of the Moon Children appeared around Link, circling him and chanting.

O father, I pledge to you  O mother, I give myself a hundred times
May the Moon illuminate our path
We share our souls to you
To that which will bring the end
Empower us with your infinite grace
May we receive the greatest glory of all
May we ascend to the heavens themselves
We are the Moon's Children
We are mortal angels
By my blood, as I draw it here
I dedicate myself to service
I sever all ties of my old life
Those who birthed me are meaningless
Those who raised me are hopeless
Those who loved me are worthless
I now wear this mask to symbolize my transformation
As a child learns to walk so too will I learn to fly
With these words I pledge myself to my new family
That even though this mask may leave my face
The scars that symbolize my devotion will never fade
Now I am truly born

As I frantically tried to escape the circle, I smelt an unmistakable scent in my room. Chlorine.  The Moon Children pushed me whenever I tried to escape, but I noticed every time that happened the top right corner of the screen would light up. I realised it was the C Button item that Matt mentioned in his videos. I selected it and Link produced a note. A textbox appeared on the screen and read, "When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall, and down will come baby, cradle and all. . ."

Final StandEdit

A laugh reverberated from the TV, a boy's laugh, definitely not from the game. A chill ran through me and I heard the laugh resonate from behind me. I spun around and in front of me stood the little kid from the game, Majora's Mask and all. I stared at him, dumbstruck. This couldn't be happening, it's not possible. A little boy's laugh echoed throughout the room and I realised it was coming from him. "Who are you?" I demanded, the boy tilted his head slightly as if he was questioning me and raised his hands to the mask. I took an automatic step backwards as he started to remove his mask, whatever was under there, I didn't want to see, but I couldn't look away. I stared, transfixed, as the mask fell to the ground, and I found myself staring at. . .  me . . .
Under the mask was me, my face. All I could do was stare at him, or me, or whatever it was as it produced a sword. I yelled out and tried to run to him, but a huge chasm appeared around the boy, leaving me stranded against the far side of the wall, clinging to my desk for fear of falling off into the deep abyss. The little kid was standing on a small platform in the middle, a cry escaped me he raised the sword and said softly in a sing-song voice,
"And down will come baby, cradle and all . . ."

A scream escaped me as he plunged the sword, with a shriek that sounded exactly like a re-Dead, into himself and fell down into the deep chasm. I breathed hard and stared at where the boy stood. I summoned my courage and let go of the desk, forcing myself to walk to the edge of the chasm. Down below was just blackness, I couldn't see the bottom. As I stood up straight again, something struck me. The mask was gone.
I looked for it on the platform where the boy was but it had disappeared. It was then I heard a noise behind me, I quickly spun around and saw for a split second, big yellow eyes and spikes, then, nothing. . .
"And down will come Tyler, cradle and all . . .
You shouldn't have done this . . ."

Chapter  ̶̵͎͚̗̙̬ͮ͒͌̕a̯̙̦͙͖̩͉ͨ͒̂̀ ̶̵͎͚̗̙̬ͮ͒͌̕a̯̙̦͙͖̩͉ͨ͒̂̀ ̶̵͎͚̗̙̬ͮ͒͌̕a̯̙̦͙͖̩͉ͨ͒̂̀ ̶̵͎͚̗̙̬ͮ͒͌̕a̯̙̦͙͖̩͉ͨ͒̂̀ ̶̵͎͚̗̙̬ͮ͒͌̕a̯̙̦͙͖̩͉ͨ͒̂̀ Edit

Dating back to 1998, a Moonchild named Kelbris received several whispers from Luna herself. The Order was still young then and Kelbris was the first member to have been talked to by Her. Rather than Ascending him, however, these whispers informed him of how The End will come about. The whispers were brief and vague, detailed below: "They (unintelligible) break free of the prison"
"Engulf the world"
"Man will be betrayed by its minions and I will be brought down from the sky, consuming everything"
It's worth noting that the number three is reported by Kelbris to have been said numerous times, sometimes in between words, sometimes even between letters so it's assumed that there is some kind of significance there. Kelbris was later found electrocuted - whether it was foul play or an Ascension was never determined. Although transcended, Kelbris' discovery has made him a legendary figure within the Moon Children and much of the Order today is based off of that prophecy.
Welcome. We now adorn you not be published by arrows, but the very element of sometimes more. We need more time at your throat. This December's here, need more members. For more information, drink more. More more more. But life hereis more than arrows. Press release. We added more arrows to the gate. This is just here. In short, it is not always more, more more more more. Be soft, but the fear is here. The author of this more mass is no disease of life to raise up.  She is the mountains, with my comrades investigating and resolving security issues. The story provides us here now that we may live here. More more more members must not use this. No more here, here's your element, but only various ones. Response times of sickness have no more need. Read more in our society who are always more here than you are, no more more more more. Employment in silence, by the marriage that churns our drive to the Class. Beginner. But more and more. The content is at the gate with the support to save. Read more here, and you will not be required for various content. This was not as is, but here's more. Welcome to our company. Until the bow and poisoned arrows.
Did you really think that I'd let you win that easy?


Tyler was found dead in his apartment three days later. Cause of death was peculiar. All of his bones where shattered and his organs were crushed. His death is being treated as a murder. Tyler's notes were found along with Matt's and it is being treated seriously. The game is missing, Ben is believed to have been freed. Extreme caution has been advised worldwide, more so to those with Zelda games, especially Majora's Mask. Ben is also have been believed to finished Tyler's notes for him after his death proving his absolute control and sadistic nature. Ben is free, and wants revenge.

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