Hi my name is Drake. Never in my life have I experience something so horrific. two weeks ago I was watching an my little pony video call "smiles". Then I got bored and watch my favorite childhood movie "Balto". I seen it's sequel's but the 3rd film was shit. so I looked up any Balto VHS tapes on ebay. then I came across an link on 4chan to an website that let me watch any movie that never got an release.

I saw an movie call "Balto.avi" so I download the avi file which took 30 seconds. so when it finished downloading I open up the avi file. it started as normal although it's was in black and white. The narrator sounded like spencer the villain from the first movie but he sounds angry and old but then I heard Boris who was Balto's adopted farther saying random things like people, dates and major events. then the first scene stared with kodi as a puppy who look sad and scared.

Then he bump into an plague doctor who just look at him then the next scene showed Kodi just walking with not audio or even music just silence then an ghostly figure appear in front of Kodi. The figure look like Spencer but all black with realistic blood red eyes. his teeth looks razor sharp. then my computer screen went off for 12 seconds then it show Balto scaring at the same figure then an footage of a Chinese kid who look about 7 years old then the same plague doctor perform horrific gruesome experiment on kid.

I almost vomit though that shit then as the scene play I can hear the Balto theme song played. I turn off the avi file and delete the file and said "i am never watching that sick shit again" than I went back on 4chan to find the link to the website but the website was delete. I ever seen any Balto movie but I kept my Balto push with me.

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