It was another lovely day on the island, as I left my house. Sunday meant no work, so I was free to enjoy the sun and the sand. Clad in simply a pair of sandals and swimming trunks, I made my way down the street and towards the beach on the eastern side of the island. In one hand I held my towel, the other a bottle of suntan lotion.

I reached the beach and spread out my towel, before having a seat. I looked up and down the beach while applying the lotion, seeing kids frolicking in the surf with their innertubes and floaties. A few of the local girls were tanning. The only thing out of place was someone I hadn't seen around town before.

I didn't pay him much mind, probably just some visiting tourist. The guy wasn't exactly dressed for fun in the sun, or for swimming. He seemed a little lost, just aimlessly wandering the beach like he was looking for something. I shrugged and laid down on my towel to bask in the sun.

I don't know how much time had passed exactly. You easily lose track of it when you daze off a little in the sun, feeling the warm rays tan your skin. Something roused me, however, and I sat up. Looking around, everything looked just as normal as before. Kids playing, people tanning, and the stranger wandering. I tried to lay down but I kept feeling like something was amiss and I couldn't rest.

I stood up and looked over myself. I was as tanned as I was hoping to get, so I kicked off my sandals and wandered towards the surf. I paused partway, a sense of forboding had washed over me. Once more I looked around me, and once more I confirmed everything was the same. I had to be imagining things, and I wasn't going to let my overactive mind ruin my day off.

Just as I started walking into the water, I found the source of the sensation. A splash of water coated me, as something large burst forth from the water. A towering behemoth that blocked out the sun. I still couldn't tell you what this thing was, as its entire form simply made no sense. I stumbled back in terror, my mind reeling from the sensations of an object or creature that defied all logic.

I felt my skin crawl, and when I looked down I saw my arm beginning to vanish. It looked almost like the creature as it faded, and there was no pain or sensation beyond a strange tingle. I looked back up at the thing in front of me, and the last thing I remember was a sound that seemed to echo forth from that behemoth. A single word, "Miiiissssiiiiiinnnngggnnnnoooooooo...."

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