Welcome guys and gals to another quick CTstories's story! I hope you enjoy this micropasta/theory everyone! Enjoy!

The Horrible TruthEdit

When I used to trick or treat, I always loved looking at the creative costumes that everyone used to wear. It was the one day in the whole year where it was not just accepted to wear your creepiest costume, but it was expected. Especially if you were a boy of my age back in those days, it was almost an unwriten law that you had to go as a scary monster.

What if you wanted to be the monster?

As the years have gone by, and my friends and I stopped trick or treating outside for the yearly search for sweets and pranks, I started to look at the other side of dressing up as Freddy, Ghostface, and Michael Myers. I started to look at my younger siblings and their friends that would dress up as their own nightmares. They would then act like that manifestation of fear that they felt every other day, thus becoming their own nightmare.

Was it a conscious decision, or was it something that was occuring without them even knowing? It is something that I ponder to this day. Why would someone want to wear a costume of something that actually scares them?

You know what I think? I think that there must be a place in everyone that makes them envy the very thing that they fear. One wants to be the predator rather than the prey. One would much rather be the mindless serial killer who is indestructable than a nameless victim. What if you wanted to be the monster?

It's the name recognition that gets us all. There must be a part of my brain that much rather be Michael Myers than myself. To be infamous is much better than to be forgotten. You would be indestructable, all powerfull, and feared throughout the land. The eternal fight between being feared or respected rages in all of us, and putting on that Jason mask reminds me that part of me wants to be more feared.

And the simple fact that I may not fully know what I am thinking at all times scares me to death. Halloween proves to me that we as humans don't have full control of our intentions. And every time I see those trick or treaters, this realization that we dress as our greatest fears in the futile effort to become that fear is the only thing I think about.

Author's NoteEdit

Thanks so much for reading this off-the-cuff, theory/micropasta. I hope that you enjoyed it, or just thought that it was interesting. Please comment in the comment section and be sure to check my page for new pastas when they come out.

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