Whenever you’re in the bathroom, do you think you hear sounds behind your shower curtain? Maybe small grunts or slight whispers? Or do you think you see the curtain move a little, even though there is no breeze. That’s because you probably do hear and see these things.

The monster in the drain has to come up every now and again. But don’t worry. It’s actually quite nice and won’t attack. Well… unless you try to move the curtain. Then it gets mad. And you wouldn’t like it when it’s mad.

No one really knows what it looks like besides its green scaly skin. Mostly because anyone who sees the full thing have moved the shower curtain and are never heard from again. But if you stare down in the drain long enough, you may see a sudden dark shape move. Or you may not. It rarely moves in the dark, cramped drain.

So just remember that the next time you think you hear sounds or see something behind the curtain, don’t move that curtain. Otherwise, both you and the monster in the drain will be happy.

Written by Library2.0

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