Life after life, they kept him going and he kept dying. Clones. All of them. One after another. Each one more determined than the last, but all of them die. 

Well not really. These clones can't die, not this way. These clones just, refuse to go on.

They become ashamed by their death, and shun the world around them, watching in the shadows as more and more clones come, and meet their same faith. 

Eventually they become tired of watching, waiting. They get jealous of the newly created clones. They get the thirst for revenge. These new clones have to die, they just have to!

Here lies the problem, the clones can't show themselves, they're too ashamed of dying. So they cover themselves in a cloak made from shirts they used to wear. 

However, even in false death the clone's faces were mangled, deformed, broken. A sign of weakness. To get around this problem they hide there faces in a plain, white, emotionless, mask.

Rockandstones1 (talk) 16:39, January 27, 2014 (UTC)Rockandstones1

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