Older than time, existed the first consciousness. It had no shape, only a fog of voices.

For three millennium, it lay still like a fetus in the womb. There, in the center of nothingness, it cried. It's tears took the form of comets and they formed the light.

When all was light, it blinded itself and it's roar was that of 10,000 beasts.

It cried again and this time they took the form of meteors. They fell from it and created darkness.

A comet and meteor clashed and they mated. The offspring became that of shadow and it spread, creating the sea of stars. 400 of 6,000 stars of families also mated with one another and began becoming as multiple wholes.

The stars then made music and the planets began to sing.

The songs put the massless one to sleep, soothing it's pain. Half of it's offspring formed around it, creating the brighter star and it was bright, yet dark.

The half that remained wanted to honor the sacrifice with a name. Then so began the war.

Half of the half that remained, unable to decided on two names had their cataclysm of the cosmos. The two names were Yahweh and Seraphim.

Through 47 generations, each with a lifespan of four billion years, engaged in battle. Eventually, numbers dwindling on both sides, they came to a truce with a gamble.

The descendants of light, darkness, and shadow created a new life. The new life would then multiply through the course of two centuries and only then would they be the deciding factor for the name of the star. Yahweh was it's name.

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