Bentley the Yeti is a seemingly harmless character from the Spyro the Dragon games, but I am here to tell you the truth about Bently.

Bentley grew up in the world known only as the Outpost.

He, his father and his brother would hunt seals in and around the Outpost. On his 13th birthday, he was given an ice club, just like his brother had two years earlier. Later that day, the family went out seal hunting so Bently could try out his new club.

After a while of searching, Bentley found a large black seal. Bentley beat it with his club, and continued to beat it even after it was dead. Bently's brother came over to stop him, but Bently beat his brother to death instead.

Upon finally being stopped by his father, Bentley was shocked, not at what he done, but the fact that he enjoyed it. Bentley did not go hunting again after that; his club was taken away.He was locked in his room, and was served fish through a catflap in his door.

During the time Bentley was locked in his room, I was born.

My name is Bartholomew. I am the youngest of my brothers.

Over the years, Bentley blood lust continued to build up. On Christmas Eve, five years after being locked away, Bentley had grown enough that he was able to break down the door and escape. Bentley found his parents' room and proceeded to beat them to death. When he saw me, he froze in his tracks. Shaking this feeling off, he ran away.

Since that day, Bentley has been protecting me for afar. He kills school bullies and anyone who tries to harm me. It was only recently when the Rhynocs showed up that I properly met my big brother Bentley.

Now, he is out there somewhere playing hero with a dragon, a kangaroo, a cheetah, a monkey and a penguin. People have started calling our world Bentley's Outpost, like he really is a hero.

He is no hero.

I was the only one who knew the truth, but now you know.

And now you will never look at Bentley in the same way again.

Bartholomew the Yeti

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