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Yo, Kiyoshi here, just to inform you that this is the second part of a series. It's okay if you don't read part one, but I suggest you do so you completely understand what's up. And yes, I'm aware that the point of view shifts from first to third person.


Link to Part One: Reunion


Takashi couldn't believe what he'd done. He'd pulled the trigger. Because of him, his beloved friend was dead. He knew that it was either Kiyoshi or him. He felt as though he chose the option.

He knew he had to act fast. Anyone who heard the loud pop would most likely know what it was and call the police.

As he dragged his best friend's corpse to his car, he felt sick. As the complete realization of what had just happened hit, he started vomiting onto the sand under his feet.

The time was now 11:48, and he had the body in his trunk, along with some other tools he would be using soon. As he drove alone the shoreline, looking for the perfect place, Takashi started weeping. He knew that if he was caught, his life would be over. A ten year minimal sentence for possession of an illegal weapon. If he was charged with the murder of Kiyoshi Ito, he'd face life in prison. He couldn't handle the thought of that. After all, how can his life be over so soon? It just began.

Tell that to Kiyoshi, he thought to himself.

After what felt like hours, Takashi finally arrived to the perfect spot. A shore-side cliff, a few kilometers from the nearest town.

Takashi removed the body from his trunk, along with his tools; a cinderblock and some rope. As he tied one of his friend's legs to the cinderblock, he could hear the waves crashing against the shore. He once against started crying.

As he cried, he finished tying up his late friend.

"Well, I guess this is farewell, old friend", Takashi said to the corpse, as he pushed the body off, into the black abyss.


Police Log: 18/8/14

Kiyoshi Ito's body had been found and identified. Cause of death was definitely a shot to the head with a .22, which is consistent with the evidence we found at Takashi Saito's Tokyo apartment. Takashi Saito is now wanted for possession of an illegal firearm, as well as being the lead suspect in the murder of Kiyoshi Ito.

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~ Kiyoshi 04:47, October 7, 2014 (UTC)

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