Author's NotesEdit

Before I begin,this is my first attempt at writing a creepypasta on this wiki. If it is not good, I'm terrible at writing. Thank you.

The StoryEdit


The cover of DuckTales

When I was little, I got my first NES. The games were Super Mario Bros, DuckTales, and PunchOut. The game I liked the most was DuckTales. However, when I was 9, my family moved to a new house, and DuckTales stopped working. I was sad by this, and I asked my parents to buy me a new copy, they said no. Recently, I asked my friend for a copy of DuckTales, Luckily, he said yes. When he came over to my house, he was scared, and he asked me to destroy it after playing it. He also said this, "he is coming"

What the fuck? How scary can a copy of DuckTales be?

It was dusty, so I blew in it. I popped it into the NES, and I was so excited to play my favorite NES game.

The usual DuckTales title screen popped up, but Scrooge's head was missing. Must be a hack, I thought.

Level 1 started, however it was named, "HELL"

I started playing, but something was off. Scrooge was pale,and he was sad. I kept walking,and suddenly, there was a weird shadow of a man. I still continued, however, Scrooge started to get more scared, and then, I knew why.

The shadowy figure kept chasing Scrooge, and sadly, he got stabbed in the back by the figure.

It then cuts to a pixelated black screen, and then it shows a face, with the words, "How was it, Charlie?"

I was scared now. How the fuck can a video game know my name? I kept texting my friend, and he had no response. However, I saw it.

I saw a man in a Scrooge McDuck costume, smiling at me, and holding a knife.

I had to escape. I jumped out the window, and then I called 911.

Shortly, the cops came over, and I explained to them a man in a Scrooge McDuck costume broke into my house, and that this happened after one of my friends gave me an NES copy of DuckTales. I told them his address, and they said they would be investigating.

The next day, they made a scary discovery.

The dead corpse of my friend, with a duck's skull.

I never played DuckTales NES again.