-Originally written and posted by Orasull.

I am documenting my experience, I have no idea if this reaches anyone but if it does please listen to me and my story. Now I know, you're probably thinking “Another bad story” or you're probably ignoring this and moving onto the next “creepy pasta” as the internet calls it. I simply wish to document this experience and share this in hopes that anyone else has gone through something similar to this “phenomenon” I've been facing. Perhaps some comfort may come to me then knowing...that I'm not alone, but until then I want to say that before I begin, please do not read this if you purchase pre-owned games especially if you play Pokemon.

Are you still there? Good.. I wish to start from the beginning now when all of this started to happen to me. It was a simple saturday morning for me, and I was just laying in bed. Looking up to the ceiling as if it was the only form of entertainment I had at that time. I only just recently completed the game Dead Space 3 but I had no intention of going back since none of my friends were on Xbox at the time and I really wanted to play co-op with somebody, I could play with my other online friends but I didn't know any of them that well. It was better for me if I played any sort of multiplayer with friends I know in real life so we can talk about it later when we hang out.

As I was thinking about some games in my library I could go back and play, I started to stir about on top of my bedsheets looking around the room from the comfort of my own bed until I spotted something from the corner of my eye. Sticking out from the drawer on my desk that was just across from my bed. I get up slowly to find out what it was and realized as soon as I put my hand around the square like bottom of the plastic figure with rounded edges. I knew immediately that it was my old game boy advance SP with a bunch of games like Wario 4, Zelda The Minish Cap but most of them were Pokemon games like Pokemon Leaf Green, Pokemon Fire Red, Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire.

I stood for a moment to recall the good times I've had with these games and decided to spend some time to revist my childhood. I decided to play Zelda after a few minutes of thinking, I already had a completed game on it so I started a new one. To my disappointment though, the SP turned off all of a sudden and I realized that it needed to be recharged after noticing the red light next to the A and B buttons. I started to look all over my room for the charger but I couldn't find it anywhere and remembered that I lent it to my sister a few years ago so her boyfriend could use it and at the time I didn't care if I got it back because I was too busy playing Xbox and Playstation 3. The two of them broke up a year after that and I never saw it again so I assumed I had to go out and buy a new one, so I looked around on the web to find out that their was a GameStop around my area that still sold chargers

So after a half an hour of driving through traffic, I finally arrived at GameStop. While I was walking inside though, the store was pretty packed so I decided to walk around the store for a bit to see if the crowd died down a bit. I was in the Playstation 3 section of the store looking at the rows of pre-owned games and looking at the ads for new releases on Xbox and Playstation. I held a copy of Shadow Of Colossus and ICO HD Collection for the Playstation 3 when I overheard two people in the back of the store. Keep in mind, the store was somewhat packed so it was pretty noisy with talking left and right and scanners beeping every now and then as well as the t.v they had on with people talking about the latest releases, and the door to the back was in the corner of the store right next to the Playstation 3 section. I was right next to the door but all I heard though was


Game Boy Accessories


Throw away

After a few minutes a store associate walked out groaning and carrying a cardboard box as if it was heavy. He carried it out to the door and around the corner outside the store until he disappeared by the corner, at this point I put the game I had in my hands down and decided to follow him. As I walked outside, I waited a few minutes until the employee came back and went back into the store before I made my way to the back where I believed the dumpster was. While I made my way back as the sun started to set on the horizon, filling the sky with a purple and orange glow among the clouds and blue sky. I thought I had heard something, something that sounded like someone saying to me.


I simply disregarded it since I've seen a few homeless people walking around, they must've said it to me as I continued my walk over to the dumpster. I'd look around though for a cardboard box for only a few moments until I saw it laying in front of the dumpster. I crept over to the box slowly and opened it to an array of Game Boy SP and Advanced Accessories with a Game Boy Micro in there too with a huge collection of games at the bottom including different chargers as well as the SP charger that I came for. I didn't understand 'exactly' as to why they wanted to throw all these away but I ignored it and thought it was a simple case of “Out with the old and in with the new” and decided to take the box quickly to my car and drive back home.

When I opened the box I found a huge assortment of games like I said and put them with the rest in my drawer where I found my SP but soon, I found something..strange. I found a small game boy advance cartridge that was just pure white with black spots on the cartridge, I ran my right thumb across it to feel that it was just a simple black cartridge with white paint over it. Since I was holding it my right hand already, I held it up to the light in my room to see if I can read the label that was covered in white paint. Unfortunately I couldn't read what it said so I put the cartridge in my GameBoy SP to see if it even worked because I was so curious what game it was. After I hooked up my SP to the charger I got from the card board box I waited only for a few minutes before switching it on. The gameboy logo soon came across the screen as usual but their was a bar underneath it, like what would happen if the game didn't work. I was disappointed at first but I tried again and soon the SP jumped right into the game instantly to show the opening to Pokemon Ruby but things were different. For some reason the male trainer (Brendan) that's always in the opening had black hair and a white color schemed outfit but with the same red coloring in his outfit. I waited for the cutscene to be over, I mean it was Pokemon Ruby and I already owned it but the difference in the main characters clothing and hair made me curious. When the game opened to the title screen where Groudon was in the background and the music still going with his veins glowing red as he's a silouhette in the background. Which is another thing I found weird since I thought Groudon had a blue veins in the background of the original.

My curiosity peaked and I had to press start to find out what was up with this game, however when I pressed start Groudon cried in the background pretty loud with his eyes glowing red and then fading into the black silhouette once again. It scared me for a second, but just a jump scare since I thought that's what happens in the game since I tend to forget the smaller things. I saw on the screen that their was already a save file called “Jack”, he completed the entire game with all the badges, all of the pokemon in the pokedex and a game log in of 999 hours. It seemed like a waste to get rid of the save file at the time since this guy must've caught all the legendary pokemon too to get the pokedex maxed out. So I decided to play on this save file but when I selected it, the game turned a bit static and the Game Boy SP started to emit a high pitched screech that I had to put the game down to cover my ears.

As soon as it stopped I saw the sprite on the screen with black hair and in white when I picked the SP up and had him walk around the room for a few moments. It appeared as though he was home in Little Root but it was different than what I remembered. The room was pixelated dark inside with little light with no music in the back ground so at this point I thought the speakers broke from the loud screeching noise from earlier..but when I went downstairs I heard the clicking noise sprites make to go downstairs. As soon as I made my way down their the mother got up and walked over to me to tell me something.

I think you should go back to your room Jack.. You know how your father gets..

This was strange since I had no idea this was apart of the game, well for the mother to say anyway in her dialogue since I remember the mother being happy all the time and she usually only talks to you about your journey and if you speak to her again you just rest. Before I had time to think about this more thoroughly though the dad sprite walks in the room. Walking all the way over to me next to mom and says to me.

What the hell are you doing down here?! You beat me and took my gym badge and my honor and you have the nerve to show your face again down here!? I'll teach you a lesson!

Soon the screen flashed black and white, what would happen when you were about to have a pokemon battle with someone or facing a wild pokemon. So the battle started with the most intense kind of music like the kind that plays when you're about to face the champion but instead of the energetic music that played a song that was deep, low and dark and a lot slower than usually. When the text box appeared, it was different as well since instead of

Leader Norman would like to battle

It said something like..

Dad wants to fight

After the text went away, I threw out the first pokemon in my party which was a level 100 Zangoose, but the dad didn't call out any pokemon...His character appeared to be angry with his fists positioned upright like he was gonna fight himself when the screen appeared for me to choose what to do. The Zangoose had moves such as Close Combat, Taunt, Crush Claw and Revenge so being a bit uneasy about this at the time since I was wondering what was going on at that point while I was wondering what to do at this point. I mean this game is certainly not normal is what I thought until all of a sudden a text box appeared saying.

If you're not gonna make the first move then I'll do it myself!”

Soon the textbox changed in order to say..

Dad used Punch

My Zangoose soon took a quarter of the damage before crying as if it was going to faint like in a match but it was still standing, and it kept crying as if it actually got hurt. After a few seconds of this, I..actually started to feel bad for the Zangoose and I wanted it to stop. I mean I didn't like the sound of constant crying no matter where it came just bothered me. So I went to my backpack for any items or potions and I found a Full Restore and decided to use it and see if it'll get him to stop crying. When his health went up and all of a sudden stopped crying, I found relief and sighed softly to myself.

Soon though, the dad attacked again but it missed and when it did I found the menu which was still open and decided to open it and use “Revenge” and all of a sudden a fist appeared in front of the dad avatar like I used a move like Mach Punch but instead the hand was red. Then when the move made contact, a stream of red would appear from the dads stomach were he got hit in the middle of his body. Soon he fell to the ground all curled up on the ground shaking like a leaf left and right, I saw the life bar next to the dad avatar where the pokemons life should be. It was dark red and only a little left before he said something in the text box.

*Sob*...You're gonna kill your own father, son?..Just like you killed her?..

I felt a bit depressed and really bad by this before I clicked the A button to continue and all of the sudden the dads life bar was reduced to zero and he laid all curled on the ground, dead it seemed as the text box read soon after.

You defended yourself, don't feel too bad about it.

Collected 400 dollars

Soon the battle faded out and went back to the sprites with the mother next to the father that had a circle of red around him on the floor. A text box came as the mother shouted.


I felt a bit shocked, I mean I really did kill someone in a Pokemon game. This only made me feel even more bad about what I just did maybe a little sick..I started to think again and wondered, I mean did Jack actually really have a life in this house? Is it my fault this happened? None of this happened until I came along so I'm starting to think it was actually my fault. Before I could think further though, the text box continued after a few moments when I'm trying to sort this entire ordeal in my mind.


Another battle commenced and it was just the mother avatar, with tears in her eyes as the battle began with Zangoose again as my starter. I felt absolutely terrible at this point, I mean I wanted to run away so I tried pressing the Run option in the menu but I couldn't escape. So I decided to wait it out for a bit since the last battle had the father attack ignoring the turn based system but all the mother used was this attack called “Throw Item” but all it did was miss and I was sitting there for an hour. While I didn't choose to attack since it was real time and I couldn't kill the mother after I just killed the dad. So I decided to use “Revenge” once more since I looked up online on my laptop that it only did half the damage if I didn't get hit the entire time in a turn. I hoped that I didn't hurt the mother badly when the text box stated.

Zangoose used Revenge

I crossed my fingers..

I regretted it though...It didn't kill the mother but she was covered in blood all of a sudden and laying on the ground and on her stomach. Her health bar was three quarters gone though so I'm a bit relieved that she isn't killed but the text box soon read at the very bottom of the screen.

Mom Fainted

I sighed softly, and slowly in relief by this message and felt the only shred of happiness I've actually had through out this entire game. Afterwards, I wanted to think about how serious I was being about this game and decided to switch the game off. However...for some reason Zangoose was called back and the trainer character soon appeared on the screen in battle with a simple smile on his face. The eyes upon his face were a dark brown and they seemed familiar even with a simple cut under his right eyelid that curved upwards to shape with the eye itself..however they seemed darker as if his eyes were just black..but slightly even darker than that like..jet black.. at that very moment. As the text box soon said at the very bottom once again in another message that was like the one from after the supposed battle with Norman, except I didn't know exactly what it meant by it..

Good Job, Now time for your reward..

I was confused for a moment, I was expecting the next text to say how much money I won from it but all it said afterwards was something like

Equipped the No Escape Rope

Dawning on me soon enough, I figured it out and decided to choose run but the game wouldn't let me. I choose Fight and all that popped up in the box was “Teach Lesson”. The idea of what is and might be coming to happen in something like a pokemon game made me sick to my stomach for a few minutes. I was done with this game at that moment and moved my finger over to the power button. I was also close to pushing it all the way down until a screech forced me, once again put the game boy down and cover my ears. I looked to the screen again the text box went forward by itself for a minute or so and said the following that made me hold my words and covered my mouth. Tears running down my face uncontrollably as I saw what exactly it said.

Turning off at the best part?..I thought we were having fun. You can leave after we're done!! Now TEACH HER A LESSON!!

I shook for a moment at this strange phenomenon, I'm seeing this with my very eyes and I can't possibly believe this. How on earth did the game know I was about to turn it off?..It didn't matter what I thought at the time though. I picked it up, hesitated to move the cursor over to the small menu and chose Run but all the game boy did was screech again and didn't do what I ask it with the repeating message.

“You've had your let me have mine. You've had your let me have mine. You've had your let me have mine”

Filling the entire box from corner to corner for two boxes until I was at the menu again with the same repeating message right next to it. I moved it over to the 'Fight' section and all that was said in all the moves section was “Destroy” with a 1/1 power counter next to it..I decided to the A button and soon I wished that I took my chances with the power button as the screen blacked out...


A loud shriek formed from the speakers, it sounded like a womans voice but a bit pixelated yet close to know what it is exactly...and soon..a picture show is created upon the blank black slates of the screen of anime styled drawings where Jack..ties down his own mother and just...rapes her. Showing extremely detailed drawn images of Jack, not the trainer himself that's in all the Hoen Region pokemon games..but hair and all just forcing himself onto his own mother..while he was doing it he used a rusty old knife from the looks of it to put small cuts against her neck and stomach while she was gagged with her own dress. Then at the last picture, all it showed was the mothers face..teary eyed and sobbing on the ground with her eyes closed as the screen turning white with the mothers eyes growing as wide as they could, blood shot slightly with the ground covered in the clearness of tears upon the stained wooden floor. Mixed with the dark stains of the blood as the screen turned white with one last image a few seconds later of the mother crying in the corner of the house..half naked with her dress torn apart with spots of blood on the floor and on her dress. Wounds and all that lay upon her as well, all drawn in the same places I recall..and around her..a pool of not blood or tears get the idea I hope..

The game went back to the sprites once again..with the mother in the corner of the room. I was finally back in control..or was I?.. I walked over to the mother again and clicked A to talk to her but all she said in the text box was..

No again..please..No again...please...No

She repeated this, going on and on for almost thirty minutes, thirty 'real' minutes before the mother would soon move slightly in her spot in sprite form as the text box soon said.

Mom passed out, Muttering

At this point I was freaked out enough as it was, All I did at that point was sit where was. Rubbed my temples with my palms and shut my eyes closed before opening them to see the sprite of my character in the middle of the screen.. just standing there next to the couch as if..he was looking right at me as I thought the black pupils of his pixelated eyes looked up towards the screen. I really didn't feel like playing anymore. I really wanted to quit at that point and I was close to turning the game off, shutting off the power and just going back to my Xbox. My finger was on the power switch but something dawned on me, the gym leader Norman told me “Like you did to her?..” before he died. Did Jack kill anyone else in this game? I really hated the fact of keep going..but I had to. I had to know who else Jack killed before to make myself feel better for what I felt that I participated such a cruel and disgusting act..

Now I know what you're thinking, “Why on earth would I possibly feel so strongly about this?” but that's just it. I can't even recall myself as to why I felt this way about a video game, especially pokemon. I guess you should say it's the same reason why I felt bad for Zangoose earlier when he was hurt. Whatever the reason it was at the time I decided not to turn it off and see this through to the end, I had to know who else suffered. I know that it couldn't have been the mother that the father mentioned since it didn't happen yet, so whoever it was I had to go out of the house and into the pokemon world to see who it was. In order to satisfy this dark curiosity I had, so I can finally know and explore what is and what has happened to this world. Who it was eyeless jack.

staring at me saying


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