Hi there. I want to talk about my friend Cody. Cody has been missing school for eight weeks, and when I try to call to him he won't answer his phone. When I was talking to Cody's mom. She told me to come in, and she hand me a tape. The label said "Cody's Dream". I went home, and put it in my dad's A-track. I plug in my earbud, and here what he said.

The recording of Cody Edit

I had a nightmare. A bad nightmare. Many people think it's a rip off version of "Nightmare On Elm Street" but it's not. The nightmare keep on going for the past few days, and this creature called himself "Blood Tears" he looks like a man but his skin is red blood, and half of his face has a skull was showing. When I was looking for him in my dream. He pop up and grab me, and I was strap down by rotting flesh. I was scared for life. He told me he's going to change me into a demon but I woke up and it was all a dream. But something happen durring my dream. I saw my dad. My dad died in my dream but this what happen. When I was walking. I saw my dad, and Blood Tears pop up and killed him with a spear. I woke up, and my mom scream. I rush to my parent's bedroom, and he was dead. The stab was the same from my dream. I cried until the police come here. I wish I....

Blood Tears: Remember me.

Cody: Oh shit please don't kill me...... I am a nice person.

Blood Tears: Don't think I can't see you but I can see you.

Cody: I don't care if you see me or not, and what your name supposed to be.

Blood Tears: I thought you're nice.



Aftermath Edit

I discover Cody was dead for the last few weeks. I wish he's still alive but when I was checking the news Cody wasn't the only person when people were dying in there. Cody was only sixteen years old. Thanks for the people who help me out, and I'll never feel very sad.

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