A champion of the heralded king, I was. Fighting off the dangers of the night, claiming victory to thee. And yet, I failed him. I remember the night quite well. 'Twas my duty to defeat those abominations of life. Horrid creatures, they were, and the worst part was that I would not be coming back.

They came in a massive wave, I couldn't stop them. I laid on the ground, defeated, when an indescribable amount of pain was inflicted on my corpse. Or was it a corpse? Then, blackness. Was I dead? Have I now gone to the afterlife, or was this some kind of purgatory? Wherever I was, I was able to process thought and emotion, so I even contemplated if I died. Now, my vision was returning, only this time, in a shade of blue.

There he stood, the menace himself. I tried to go for the attack, but I couldn't. There was some kind of force keeping me from trying killing him. He looked at me, and for the first time, I saw him, I saw his cold, bitter eyes.


The eyes…

I gazed below where he was looking, innocent civilians were being massacred. I should've been disgusted, yet I was aroused, even laughing, at their plight. Reluctantly, I asked my new 'king' for orders. He only had one, simple request.


Steel, The Mark of Insanity 22:26, June 16, 2014 (UTC)

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