A girl kneels upon an altar. Dressed in plain, yet colorful clothing, she sits with hands folded. Eyes closed, she prays softly in an old tongue her observers don't recognize. But then she hears someone. Feels someone. She lifts her head and opens her eyes to gaze upon a friend. She smiles at him, with her wide eyes. What neither of them realized was this would be their last meeting.

A light from above, her friend's gaze turns upward to spot their hated foe descending from on high. Blade poised for a most deadly blow. Before either has a chance to react, a blade pierces the girl. She goes limp, and slumps upon the blade. The foe removes his fierce weapon, and the friend rushes to catch her before she falls. The twain argue, as the girl drifts in and out of consciousness.

Friends gather to pay their last respects, standing around their fallen comrade. Tears are shed, fists are clenched, and vengeance is sworn. Alas, however, the group cannot afford the time to truly morn their loss for their most hated foe has fled again and they must give chase. Thus, a hasty burial must take place.

The friend carries the girl, tears clouding his vision, to a nearby pond. Having decided it best to give her a water burial. He slowly walks into the water, finding a suitable spot to let her go. His arms spread, and he releases her prone frame to the water's grasp. Slowly she begins to sink, appearing to all as lifeless.

This is not so, however. For the girl's wound was not fatal. Her comrades were no doctors, they could not see the incredibly faint breaths she had been taking. They could not feel the terribly faint beating of her heart. As she sank, she inhaled once again, only this time it was water that filled her lungs. Shock woke her, and she stirred. Eyes opened to stare upwards, watching her friend turn and leave.

Tears filled her eyes, only to mix with the water around her. Unable to speak, barely able to move, she lifted her arms in a last vain attempt to reach for her friend. But her weakened body could not take the lack of air. Her vision blurred, and her eyes closed once more. As her body finally drifted to the bottom, her life left her, going on to be with those of her ancestors.

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