How did i get where I am? Im just sitting in the ground. waiting. I feel something, something is pulling me up. They're hands. I've never felt something like this. Finally, I'm out of the ground. I see the one who plucked me. He has a strange bowl on his head. His body is comepletely white, and his hands and feet are red. It's strange. He has a giant thing under his eyes. I don't understand him. I start to walk away, but a ringing pearces my ears. uuuuuhhhh. Make it stop. I run up to the creature and the sound stops.

It's getting dark. I go to my new home and sleep. I wake up in the morning and come out of my house. I hear the sound again. something makes me want to follow the creature. So I do. We came up to a large monument that was never around before this time. Me and my friends approach it slowly. Then the creature grabs me. He chucks me at the object. I land and feel compelled to try and pick it up. more of my friends are thrown, and we pick it up together. We bring it back to our house.

It's been a few days now. I've met so many people, all of us with special abilities. We've been reproducing and growing. But the creature looks sick. He looks as though he needs to leave soon. I haven't been out of my home for a while. I finally came out again today. I witnessed something awful. I was helping the creature kill a common foe, but the foe ate my friends. i was the only one left before we ran away.

It's been about a month with this creature. We have collected many things like the first one. The creature headed up in his home and left us. We grew to love him, and we are sad to see him leave. We all hope he will come back, and I can tell everyone is thinking the same thing: goodbye, Captin Olimar

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