This is the journal of Jak Brown, an investigator for case 010. We recovered this among his body.

There was a prison break. Weird thing is that It wasn't a prison. A patient at some holding place the government funded. Can't put the name or else I'll be terminated. Most there were just working for a little time then they left. Some were "occupants." The person... or thing that broke out was an occupant. He was occupant 01101. He made a vague recording before the incident. I will write it here for whomever may be reading this:

(frantically) I was playing a game. Just a game they say. I reset it! That's what the average human would do, right!?

(calm) Then it glitched...GLITCH!!! I RESET THE DAMN THING! Then it changed dramatically... terribly!!! His face...that one yellow eye... the other red. His music... I hum it although I wish to forget it!

(chuckles) But who am I now? I will recreate... Control... Alter... and Delete...


We searched his home after this and discovered his name was Silus Black and he was 17 years old. His home electronics all turned on when I entered. There was a small amount of blood on a table. We believed that he fell, bumped his head and now believes that he's this 'Glitch' character. But who is Glitch? We found that he recently played a game called Sonic 1: G edition. We'll have one of the investigators play it. Well that's all for today.

August 7,-----

We had the investigator play the game. He quickly told us that everything that Silus mentioned was in the game. He then took off from the case. Could it be that terrifying!? We have even more news. We got a call saying that Silus tried to murder some employees in the Sega company, mainly the Sonic Team. Two were injured before he destroyed the place. When we got there we asked them if they had any idea why Silus would have targeted them. They said that they had fired him because of tinkering with code that messed up one of their games' production (Sonic 06). Was he taking revenge? What made me a bit scared is when they mentioned that he called himslef Glitch, a character they meant to feature in Sonic3 originally named Rufus the Robot. This case is more than it seems. Something else is up, and I will find out.

August 8,-----

Something isn't adding up. I've been feeling something strange watching me. It seems that the more I find out, the worse my hallucinations get. I can't just give up though.

August 10,----

I encountered Silus.I don't think I'll be able to drive home tonight. His left eye was a bright yellow and the other red. He looked weird... my vision was shifty and things seemed out of place (ex. mailboxes floating). He put a recorder in my hand and walked away chuckling slightly. I didn't notice until now that he was with someone... a woman wearing a vest and appeared to be wearing nothing underneath it. I'll write what this recorder says as I listen to it:

(weird music)

Man: Silus, get back in your cell or we will open fire.

Silus: Move...

-supernatural noises-


Woman- Clear the way!

-flesh being cut-

Glitch: Let's go, Control!


That woman is mixed in. Stress is starting to take over. I can't take it!

I've been having nightmares for days! His eyes... her eyes! I can't take this!!

They have been placing mannequins all over my house. Their faces carved up... what do they want!?

August 17,-----

I don't have long. All you need to know is that if you seek him, he will seek you. Remember these names: Glitch, Control, Alter... and most importantly, Delete. You'll know when he's coming if you hear the sounds. I have to kill myself... I sought him out... and know I've become like him... I've killed under the name Alter... the whole station is just a field and none will ever know it existed. I'm sorry...I can't help you.


We have deciphered the music and have a copy of it.

Listen at your own discretion. If you seek him, He will seek you.

End of part1

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