Okay, this will most likely haunt me for the the rest my life. I will explain. One day, I heard about "Castlevania", a popular series of games, based around good versus evil, following a vampire hunting family. I really wanted to play, so I searched
Nes castlevania
it up. I attempted to download it for my Emulator, but it had a "Pending 2 Hours" error. I didnt really care, though, so I waited it out, piddling away time watching this same Youtube video over and over again. I started it up. everything was normal until the 3rd stage. Thats were you encounter the first boss, you know, but he wasn't there. Since this was an emulator, I didn't think it was abnormal, but I was so wrong. Here is were it got creepy. Since I'm not good at games, I savescummed quite often, but since I sucked I died constantly. I attempted to skip past a certain set of enemies to continue, but when I did, everything went wrong. The skeletons froze, but Simon didn't. I kept going. Everything was frozen, but I kept going. Out of a morbid curiosity, I ventured on for nearly an hour. There was no music, and when I reached stage 15, I believe it is the last stage, Simon said "Why?" in a text box. Then, another popped up that said "Look at me", and then he was distorted, with eyes that oozed puss, and  a mouth that seemed to be puking up acidic bile, and he repeated "Why?" Then he said, "Your just torturing me, why me?" and then Dracula popped up as normal, except his health was at the last bar. I threw the boomarang, and he just died.
Simon left the castle, so I was done with this game. However, at the title it said "epilogue". I clicked on it and it was horrible. Everything was so sad, as though Simon died after he left the castle. There was a lone
casket being carried by what looked like villages through the town. 

It cut to the title, which said, "Why me?"

After that, there was another button. "Kick yourself in the ass". I clicked it, because "??? LOGIC!" After that, 666 flying Simons came and kicked my ass.

After the last one, I instantly orgasmed. The end.

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